La Chureca, Nicaragua

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"Goodbyes" begin and singing accompanies...

I'm a "see you later" kind of gal. I have never been much for saying goodbye. I mean for those who know me, you know that when I get the least bit sad or emotional, my overly healthy tear ducts kick in and produce a hoover dam of droplets. So, to take off all that pressure, I say, "see you later," and I can rejoice in the next time I will see a friend instead of how long and sad it could possibly be without them (which is what I usually associate with the word goodbye).

However, when I think about what I have begun to do this past weekend and coming week, the word "goodbye" seems very fitting and has developed new meaning. I mean, I do keep thinking of all the cheesy lines, "parting is such sweet sorrow," and "I carry you in my heart, I carry your heart in my heart" (ok the carry you in my heart is a for real good line)...and I think that all this "parting" and leaving will hit me in the really sad way that I have always known it mid-way over the atlantic... and then some more later.... but the "Good" part of "bye" is happening now for me... I am enjoying: fellowshipping, loving, and reflecting on every important relationship in my life.

There is goodness in parting... The goodness is found in realizing the special bonds the Lord has put in my friendships and family; and although it hurts and there is a sting in leaving --there never seems to be time like the present to appreciate and be thankful (to be in that goodness). To examine and evaluate what these friendships mean and how they will cause growth and spur each other on to good deeds to live for Jesus. To really grind at each other like iron sharpens iron--and feel the discomfort of being unsettled, challenged, and going deeper together while maybe being physically apart on faith issues and life issues...Hmm... to think, pray, examine, and seek God's will for the sphere of influence in which he currently has us.... there really is a lot!

Anyway--the reason for this post is the video above. In the beginning of my end (the end of my college season), I got to spend time with my Ohana ladies + Spence + amazing other friends (Tina, Kate, Bobby, & MJ). At the end of the weekend, we worshipped and I caught a precious moment on my computer. It may sound loud, a little crazy, and a little intelligible... but really who cares? We were praising the Lord, having fun, and being ourselves. I made a little slideshow of the weekend and put the music together because this beginning, and this weekend are times I would like to remember.