La Chureca, Nicaragua

Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Tri City Travel Begins!!!

November break notes:
**I'm in Paris!!!** Leslie is awesome! I'm so happy to see her :)

*I just started typing bulleted thoughts on my they are:

Oct 30, 2010 
Left house at 3;10pm
Arrived at train station 3:24pm, got a train ticket and hopped on right away (there were really long train lines and only one working ticket stand-of course!)
Train left 3:45pm
Met Federico on train to Treviso
Timing worked well, he helped me find my train and we had coffee...maybe we will hang out back in Trieste..description of Fed: had a very interesting chic look and wavy brown blue eyes... And some nice facial hair going on. He was on his way home to Florence (student at university of Trieste) to spend week making home made olive oil with his family. How utterly precious is that? And ok, I did give him my phone number for conversation partner sake back in Trieste slash new friend to have yay!!

Arrive mestre: 5:40pm
I had just missed my connector train, so waited til 6:16pm train to Treviso... 6:33 pm in Treviso
Bought airport bus ticket at tabbachi then crossed under tunnel to bus 6 (takes you to the airport)
Arrive at airport 7:15pm (flight is 9:05pm)

Treviso airport thought: There a crap load of people there!! Get in line and make it through in about half an hour (now close to 8pm) 

Bought ok sandwich and water to hold me over and then waited at gate

Left 9:30-something
Arrived 10:30-something

11:21pm  we landed safe! I'm here! On the bus shuttle to Paris now-tired with a bit of a headache

Highlight of landing-this couple I walked out with kept smiling and staring at me...then the man asked me if was Parisian!!! (uh hello yes I am today!!) oh no actually I  am from puerto Rico I reply... And then I smile to myself because, check, check, check off another ethnicity I pass for...Parisian I'll take that any must have been my cowl neck  leather jacket, skinny jeans, and knee high boots that I bought at the end of my shoe fast (nikki thank you for convincing me I needed them... I mean I have been wearing them practically everyday) I mean I wasn't even wearing my borrowed red lipstick Lizzy sent me off with long as I don't speak, I'll be ok... 

Oh the places you go...

Saturday, October 23, 2010

working on the blog...

So tonight I thought I would write a blog post about what has been happening because I am so desperately behind on giving the awesome details of life in Trieste... BUT surely as I am a distracted little gold fish at times, I became fascinated with the idea of adding a new page to my blog where I could actually post music recordings and music happenings that I am creating (or am recording other people doing)....

Basically, now if you just look at the right hand column of my blog there is a "Home" link, a "The Quotables" link (that's where I started to add some quotes that I am really into right now) and finally, a "Music Corner" where I will try to post videos and add music that has come across my mind, path, and/or production.

So... an update on life: I love music (no surprise)... I really enjoy teaching it--although sometimes I don't really know if I am going the right way about it... but I sure am trying... (all the dot dot dots are me stopping and thinking as I write)...

ON FOOD:  We had an authentic Spanish Food night courtesy of our EspaƱola friend, Katrin:

some of the supplies to make Montaditos

some of the results (awesome!)

Me and the Chef :)

Tim was there for it too!

The second grade put on the absolute sweetest performance called, "Happy Days in Grade 2" this past friday... There was a scene where there was a "Ms. Veronica" and music class cameo. I was loving every minute of the performance and the second grade actress who played me was true to my actual person... soooo cute... so touched by the performance... they were awesome!

Last night, we had pumpkin ravioli at Lisa and Kelly's house... AMAZING!

(I borrowed some Pics from Christof Z's Facebook page-He was our photographer)

We visited Miramare last weekend (yes, there are many castles in my city!)

Built byAustrian Hapsburg Ferdinand Maximilian (read the link above) 1850-something

artsy is it not? (in the Castle Gardens)

Last Thought:
the last few weeks in Trieste have gone by in a whirlwind... not a bad whirlwind... but a whirlwind nonetheless. Tim and Sean's visit was so refreshing. I love to host friends :) and I have been able to catch up family and friends on skype. This weekend I am relaxing and hoping to make some itineraries for my travels next week. I am at peace and content--a great place to be :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

a FRIEND has arrived!

TIM came to ITALY!

and he brought a friend, Sean!

So basically this week has been awesome, fantabulous and then some! I am sooooooo HAPPY to have guests! 

Tim and Sean went to Slovenia yesterday while I was teaching my little first graders and music classes and then we enjoyed an "Italian" meal in our canal. When we left the restaurant we began to wander around Trieste following our ears to a legit dance party happening at a local bar in celebration of The Tottenham-Intermilan game where Inter kicked butt at the very end... Of course this meant for a very interesting dance party with oldie American music repertoire (Macho Man was featured, need I say more?)...

Today... Tim and Sean ventured out to Croatia and have just walked in the door. We're heading for an authentic Spanish dinner party with some of my co-workers and then out to explore some more of the city.....

I AM SO HAPPY friends are here! 

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Challenged, Behind, but TOTALLY HAPPY :)

So it took me four hours to book four plane tickets yesterday... I find that I'm totally big picture driven.. when it comes to details... I'm a little slow (hence four hours to book four flights)

THE GREAT (i mean great is totally an understatement) NEWS IS:

I'm going to Paris, Barcelona, and Granada in just three weeks! EEEEEEK!

Ok Now...

In my quiet absence this month so far... a lot has been happening. There was a food festival in Trieste, I went to Siena, Italy last weekend, and this weekend BARCOLANA one of the biggest sailing regattas in the world was here in Trieste!

This past week leading up to Barcolana also just so happens to have been my FAVORITE week in Italy so far.... Basically every day was some kind of wonderful.. and I consistently made some Carrie Bradshaw squeals that I never knew I had in me...

I will probably be "blog vomitting" (as I called it to Liz) to catch up on what's been happening :)

Trieste in the evening (is not the view amazing?)

My saturday  night meal in Siena--Pici di Cinghiale (Wild Boar!)

Siena---This is the view from the church tower... AMAZING! I couldn't believe the sights! Beyond the city you can see the hills of Tuscany :)

And from this weekend, Barcolana--I was up on the hill in Opicina... Looking down on the city of Trieste :)... What an amazing day and an amazing race!

i love Trieste

Saturday, October 9, 2010

thinking about Rome...

Great article in The New York Times about Rome... it's giving me the itch to go... and I want to remember the link of the article for when I'm planning my visit :)


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Siena for the weekend

Siena Italy is the bomb-diggity!!

Just a quick thought.. Will write about it later when I get home :)