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Saturday, October 23, 2010

working on the blog...

So tonight I thought I would write a blog post about what has been happening because I am so desperately behind on giving the awesome details of life in Trieste... BUT surely as I am a distracted little gold fish at times, I became fascinated with the idea of adding a new page to my blog where I could actually post music recordings and music happenings that I am creating (or am recording other people doing)....

Basically, now if you just look at the right hand column of my blog there is a "Home" link, a "The Quotables" link (that's where I started to add some quotes that I am really into right now) and finally, a "Music Corner" where I will try to post videos and add music that has come across my mind, path, and/or production.

So... an update on life: I love music (no surprise)... I really enjoy teaching it--although sometimes I don't really know if I am going the right way about it... but I sure am trying... (all the dot dot dots are me stopping and thinking as I write)...

ON FOOD:  We had an authentic Spanish Food night courtesy of our EspaƱola friend, Katrin:

some of the supplies to make Montaditos

some of the results (awesome!)

Me and the Chef :)

Tim was there for it too!

The second grade put on the absolute sweetest performance called, "Happy Days in Grade 2" this past friday... There was a scene where there was a "Ms. Veronica" and music class cameo. I was loving every minute of the performance and the second grade actress who played me was true to my actual person... soooo cute... so touched by the performance... they were awesome!

Last night, we had pumpkin ravioli at Lisa and Kelly's house... AMAZING!

(I borrowed some Pics from Christof Z's Facebook page-He was our photographer)

We visited Miramare last weekend (yes, there are many castles in my city!)

Built byAustrian Hapsburg Ferdinand Maximilian (read the link above) 1850-something

artsy is it not? (in the Castle Gardens)

Last Thought:
the last few weeks in Trieste have gone by in a whirlwind... not a bad whirlwind... but a whirlwind nonetheless. Tim and Sean's visit was so refreshing. I love to host friends :) and I have been able to catch up family and friends on skype. This weekend I am relaxing and hoping to make some itineraries for my travels next week. I am at peace and content--a great place to be :)

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