La Chureca, Nicaragua

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ringraziamo...We give thanks

Today at church we were sharing what we were thankful for during a musical interlude of one of the worship songs. Church is in Italian and so I always think of things I could share but have been a little too shy to actually speak up and share.

Today though, all of a sudden I had and knew my words of what I wanted to say and in the right language (italian).... I was going to let the moment pass, but I had my heart welling up in my throat, and a pounding in my chest to just speak up.

I said:

"Dio, grazie che tu sei il Principe di la pace e mio principe di la pace.  Dove tu sei Signore, c'é la pace"

 Which means: God, thank you for being the Prince of Peace and my Prince of Peace. Where you are Lord, there is peace.

Anyway, I really felt apart of the community in that moment. I generally ask my church friends to speak to me in Italian. We do a mixture of Italian and English so that they can practice and I can practice. Today it was to ringraziare--give thanks all together and in Italian :)

Courtesy of Lisa Bliss' camera :)
peacefully enjoying a good face paint at Carnevale

Friday, March 4, 2011

Skyping with Bobby!

Technology rocks... I haven't gotten to see Bobbers in way too long! and it all started with a remember Nica email :)

  Yay Nica team from last year.!!!! I am praying for the XA spring break teams this year!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

140 KPH wind today...

a huge crane just floated away to the middle of the gulf of trieste.... phone booths are being blown over... trees are completely wrecking cars... terracotta (how do you spell that?) roof tiles are flying away striking people cars, the likes.... AND people are being handled like kites by BORA and getting complete smack down on pavements... I'm scared to walk outside--because literally the sky is falling... HELP!

this is BORA,  Mediterranean Winds
(Bora blowing people over back in the day)

... and as I write, I stand corrected, it has been clocked at 170 KPH (which is approx 105.6 mph)


Teaching resources

I want to remember this site.

Kaitlin shared it with me today and rocked my world! What, I don't have to use powerpoint to make a jeopardy game for my kids!? YAY!

Check it out!

use it :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

120 kph wind today

Ever heard of the Bora?

It's that cold Siberian wind that comes to Trieste ever so often for  two-to three days of havoc.

and it's here!

I almost was blown away today several times....

Can't spring just come soon and the BORA stay in Siberia?