La Chureca, Nicaragua

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Looking for a dress

So Mal Pal Conkeynator gets married soon (in June HAPPY-i get to fly back from Trieste for a Marathon weekend before the end of school!)... i am happening upon some dresses in and around Italy that are the Blush pink that are in the right bridesmaid's category... but nothing yet that I want to wear.... I think I may have to chance ordering online... I am  definitely glad she made a "pinterest" web page  and I'm also glad that Molls brought the site to my radar again.... This is all to say, the search is on again :)

Bottom Line: I need to find something to wear for my Bridesmaidness! Calling on my Shugars-mumsy and nikki to look at Mal's website for suggestions (I'd like a one-shouldered deal)

Back in Trieste...straight to Zoe

Kristin and I got in late last night after getting on the super long train home... To end the week of per chance encounters with interesting people, an Italian man asked to "have a conversation" with us to practice his English after he heard me and Kristin talking about the loud chewer on the train.

It was like conversation partners or something gone...I dont't know, stilted...episode of the office or something... I mean he didn't even want to shake my hand when we introduced ourselves... but explained it would save me from whatever was polluting his... hmm...thanks :)

But real quick,

Berlin= great city...I miss it already

More to come on it... I'm sipping coffee with Kristin and Ron at Zoe like we should now :)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

When everything changes quickly

In the past week and a half both my Abuelos left this world. Abuelo Salvi, left after fighting cancer...and just now Abuelo Malave quickly and unexpectedly passed. The news of Abuelo Malave just devastated my heart anew. I felt like I had a chance to say goodbye to Abuelo Salvi...but not
Abuelo Malave.

I have been traveling through Europe as all these events unfold. It has been hard to process. I am already away from my home that is away from home.

So last night it was our last in Berlin, Germany before the travel back to Trieste. The girls tucked me in so I could have some time alone and I sat and wrote what I thought currently of how I was missing Abuelo Malave...and I guess I found mourning happens in different ways for everyone... Some people get angry--and yell... some beat at their chest at God working out all the pain... some cry softly, some wail loud... Some people laugh... others sing...Some ignore the pain and just try to keep moving. I feel like I've done a lot of these things (especially keep moving)... but tonight, I wrote.

When everything changed quickly: Abuelo Malave

Today I heard him laugh on the street corner.

It was far reaching--contagious...and I  chuckled too.

I smelled his scent amidst the bustle of the train,
Una mezcla de sweet mouthwash and cologne.

This made me look for him...

I saw his smile as I crossed the street:

A charmed nose grin on the shrek face;  wasn't even closing my eyes.

The wind carried his embrace:

Round soft and comfortable; 
I just wished I could feel the warmth of him in it.

The sky shed the tears I could not:
A gentle, deeply pained cry;

His life made travelers turn
To smile and gaze upon-
Abuelo...simply stated Malave.

Then after this... the tears came to flow slow and steadily...and there were the  small pained gasps. I really do love him just the, tomorrow as always... He is  my Abuelo Malave.

Abuelo Sayings, Principles, and Practices:
-Drink your 8 glasses of water a day (for Abuelo Beer was included in this count... but that part of the rule only counted for him)
-Call people out when they are spending too much money on silly things... He would say, "Money heavy on you?"
-Look at everyone as friends that you just haven't met yet and win them over (that's the WOO that he imparted to my mom, Nikki, and me)
-Love your family... help them out and look out for them... because they are the most important people you have
-Read the Newspaper--its like a college education (Abuelo's words)
-Work hard and be yourself...and he always said, Vero, I'm proud of you baby :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What I like about Dublin

Hands down the best thing that Ireland has to offer is it's people.

We have been here for four days now and the thing that I am loving the most is recounting the interactions, evenings and times spent with Irishmen:)

Other things I like:
-The bridges along the river Liffey...especially the Santiago Calatrava bridge

-the blue skies we've had everyday (not so much the rain today)

-the Guinness at St. Jame's gate brewery... And it's gravity bar that gives you the most wonderful 360 view of the city of the surrounding mountains and ocean :)

-Rugby and being with both the french and irish as we saw the final game of the six nations rugby tournament...not to mention learning about the INS and outs of the game, players, and positions from Kristin...and then also really wanting to watch Invictus

-"firework" by Katy perry following us in every public place we go

-Irish music: both he tap dancing stuff going on and the local music

-brown eyed girl being played in three consecutive pubs in a row because van morrison or the original writers of that song are Irish!

-being pegged as "Lisa Bonet" at pubs-- and then hearing a group of Irishmen try to impersonate The Cosby Show and say Bill Cosby's show last name

-temple bar

-porter house brewery

-Jameson's whiskey distillery and their wonderful tour guide

-visiting John Patrick Delaney's family pub... And him and Mary getting two rounds bought for them by the Irish locals :)

The list will go on... It's time for a quick walk....