La Chureca, Nicaragua

Friday, September 24, 2010

Trieste-orialist at Zoe Foods & Happy Birthday LUCA!

I realized I never posted the interesting outfits I saw at Zoe Foods...
So here's one... and I've seen this guy mutiple times. Still sports the mustache and decor

This gal had all sorts of coolness going for her. We wondered if she actually tries... or just rolls out of the house looking the way she does!

Ok, not from Zoe Foods... BUT from "Il Pinguino" my favorite outdoor salsa/gelato place in town. This was from the last outdoor salsa dancing night. Imagine... on a pier... under the stars... perfect weather!! Awesomeness!

So when you go hiking to Val-Rossandra... Make sure you take with you: 1. waterbottle 2. hiking shoes, 3. Layers 4. Snacks, 5. Friends who also like to hike and are chill and fun to be around like Kristin (above), Kaitlin, and Liz :)

When we went hiking the hill areas of Val-Rossandra, we hiked up to this church built in 1267! It was literally built from the rock of the mountain... It was so beautiful and on top of the hill! We couldn't go inside but still cool!

LITTLE LUCA-nator's 
FIRST birthday! 


I just called... and the prince is napping!

He is such a blessing, bubble of joy, and delight.  I love that little (big) tank! I remember praying so hard for him--for his health, for his mama and papa, for his life, his future dreams, for a faith and love of God... I know it's only been one year... and that I get to be his praying aunt for a lifetime.. but its so cool to think that over a year ago, God knew that Luca would be more than ok (than what the doctors said-healthwise) and that he would be the absolute joy and delight and blessing to those he is around.  He is such a perceptive little guy (like his papa)--and he's happy, joyous--and loud (like his mama)...and musical (like his Rivera genes)  and I really just want to hug him and hold him ALL the time...and it's moments like this, when I'm however many miles away that I miss being there like a heavy weight... I hope that Dad, Mom, Niks, and Scott and everyone back home keep being anal about video taping every moment... because I want to see them. And I really hope Luca doesn't forget his Titi while she's gone for a little while in old Italia :)

To: Luca Elliot Haun 
(whose name means bringer of light who's close to God)

yes he is the cutest!

yes... it's easy to be obsessed when you get to look at a face like this!

I just love this kid so much it hurts!

And the beautiful family he is apart of :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Afternoon rooftops...

Our roof is a great place to read and hang out... Here you go:
So it was a beautiful afternoon... we couldn't resist climbing through my skylight to catch some rays and read *That's Liz's leg

Here are my feetsies and there is that's the roof slant... it's not that scary!

I was reading Her Daughter's Dream  by my favorite author, Francine Rivers. The part of the book where I read had a lot of great quotes said by a wise (in my opinion) great-grandmother. I was just eating up the words and pondering them. It reminded me of wisdom I use to receive from talks with my Abuela Fifa when I was younger and words of encouragement now I get through people like my sister, my aunt Leenda, my parents, Ohana, and other friends.... Anyhoo here are some I highlighted:

Quote from Her Daughter's Dream,  
"People either weigh you down or give you wings."
-(said by Oma, the great-grandmother)
"It's a good thing God isn't limited by what we have in mind for ourselves. His plan is so much bigger."
-(said by Oma, the great-grandmother)

And some more roomie-love! Here's us at the grand-opening of Zoe Foods one of our new favorite places in Trieste! 

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hump Day in Trieste

Filled with:
  • Lice in the elementary wing (AKA: sending a little first grader home because he had knits in his hair--and second case in our class this year...EEEK!!!)
  • Finding our classroom pet mouse that escaped in the hallway (well that was done by Amanda) and letting the children know that yes, the nameless mouse (they haven't decided on a name yet), has now returned from Mouseland :)
  • Getting sick to my stomach and running out of Grade 5 music class, later to be sent home with a short lived stomach bug (I think it is now completely out of my system. I am feeling A LOT better... just tired)
I was really bummed I did not get to teach my music classes when I got sick... I was so excited for them! But I'll make it up to the kids for sure sometime tomorrow and Friday.

That's all for now... GOING to Sleep.

AND for your information: I had my roommates extensively check my mass of curls for any signs of Lice (because I am paranoid--and ALL clear and clean for the time being!)


Ok last, I've been obsessed with PS22 elementary chorus from Staten Island, NY lately--check them out:

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dream come true...

So many of you who know me, know that I absolutely love the movie "Sister Act II: Back in Habit" (It's actually a family favorite and Ohana favorite)---and if you don't... Now you do :)

Here's my story:
Last year, I was the focus of a PhD-of-Educational-something candidate's  dissertation on teaching personas and the development of how you actually come to realize your personality as a teacher. I was observed, interviewed, and informally questioned on many occasions about who I am as a teacher (ok this and sister act totally tie together... I promise!). 

In the course of the interviews, I found myself quoting none other than, "Sister Mary Clarence" from Sister Act II and the movie quotes--the very best being, "If you want to be somebody, and if you want to go somewhere you better wake up and pay attention!"

I remember telling the PhD candidate that I hoped to one day tell my students that quote, to be like Sister Mary Clarence in the engagement factor of teaching, and to really get through to my students by knowing them and what gets them going while still maintaining "me" and showing my true self to them.

Ever since the interviews I dreamed of truly bringing some sister act II into my future classroom and today was the realization of the dream.

I posted the words on a poster--had students read it, tell me what they thought the quote meant, talked about it and what it meant for our music class and then We SANG IT!  PURE JOY and fun! 

I was simply and completely tickled inside as each elementary class sang the words.

I am happy to say the quote will now be routine in our music class! HAPPY

A Side-note:
while my third graders were singing it, an Italian teacher who speaks limited english popped her head in because she recognized the tune and ALSO LOVES the movie--I mean that's just destiny for us to be friends :)

So there you have it... dreams really do come true--even the little ones that we maybe think are insignificant when we dream them up--or silly to think of!

I'll leave an actual soundbite from the original movie:

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Feeling the love...

Thought jumble:

Today I opened my email to find messages from friends and family alike (either from email, text, or fb notifications). Words of encouragemet, love and just plain touching base with me filled my inbox and I welled up in grattitude for the community that the Lord has blessed me with. I did not realize how a simple word or note could be so impacting and life giving nor how much I needed it. And so now I thank the Lord for everyone he has placed in my life (bc really JC is always interceding and looking out for the saints) and thank all of my dear friends and family for keeping tabs on me and loving me even though we are so far away from each other.    

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Quotables...

"Mees Veronica, but I have to go Ca-Ca!" 
(said by a five year old holding his crotch)

At Lunch:
For all my that's what she said friends
(ahem Kerrywood circle crew)

"Ronald, I don't want your juice I just want your meat!" 

On Music:
"Mees Veronica, since Michael Jackson is dead, who is the new King of Pop?"

Week One was fantabulous, crazy, exhausting, and has come and gone so quickly. I have found that I need to learn everything I can about Shakira and her Waka Waka song (because grades 1-5 all know it and love to sing it), that I need to learn more Italian, and that five year olds are walking oxymorons--in that they are terribly awesome creatures to work with.

And now as I look to the week to come  I am so happy that it is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect. (2 Samuel 22:33)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Food, freedom, and friends...round three

Well... School has started! And as I write, I am home from back to school night and a very awesome but tiring day! I love the kids! I love the people I work with... and am excited to see them grow and learn this year... Let's just say we have a long way to go... but we'll get there! I will write and reflect more on the first week happenings later... but for now here is some of the food I've eaten in the past 7 days or so :)

My first homemade Lasagna made by Nicoletta from church (AMAZINGly delicious)
I call this, "welcome to Italy" meal
We had Prosecco (white sparkly wine) with bagel bite bread and olive dip; Next course was the Lasagna with a read wine... Next course was roasted eggplant with tomato and mozzarella (so good); for dessert we had cioccolatta salame... (picture coming up)..and flavored grappa... (I WAS STUFFED!)

There's some of my cioccolatta salame..

This was Lizzy's birthday cake brought out by the restaurant we ate at... named... hmm don't remember

Two happy cappuccinos in Venice

Fun company--Mr. V from Ucountry and Mr. M from Italy taking me and Lizzy around Croatia where we ate.......

I ATE OCTOPUS salad--it was great! so many great flavors

Lizzy had grilled calamari with spinached potatoes

I had fried calamari and fries... THE freshest calamari I've ever had

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Trieste-orialist/Mocktorialist goes to Venice and Croatia...

We are seeing a lot of interesting people out and about!

Venice: Man taking photo. There are still a ton of tourists in September (but I guess when are there not tourist). Most accents we heard were french. This is typical male garb...

Venice: Beautiful white dress belt combo. She was walking too fast to catch the front--but we agreed we loved what she was wearing.

Venice: The man with the white collared shirt and grey vest had very interesting suit on--only wish you could see closer to it many people passing by (we are getting better--i hope at stealth picture taking)

Venice: Linen suit. Great beard. He was attending a table of antique jewlery at the Venetian Flea Market! (this photo is courtesy of Lizzy DiMattia)

Croatia: This lady's lips matched her shoes... was probably the only noteworthy outfit we saw... Loved the hair...(This photo is courtesy of Lizzy DiMattia)

Croatia (Rovinj): The man to the left of the sound stand required a double take! He was wearing tights... and not sure what was going on...  (This photo is courtesy of Lizzy DiMattia)

All for now...

Before School starts i thought I'd go to...

Venice, Croatia and Slovenia (well drove through Slovenia)...

Tomorrow the kiddies come and tonight/tomorrow I will have an addition of Food, Freedom, and Friends + some Trieste-torialist/Mocktorialist views of the places we visited.

Eek! I can't believe tomorrow school starts! and Eek! What a fun weekend