La Chureca, Nicaragua

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Quotables...

"Mees Veronica, but I have to go Ca-Ca!" 
(said by a five year old holding his crotch)

At Lunch:
For all my that's what she said friends
(ahem Kerrywood circle crew)

"Ronald, I don't want your juice I just want your meat!" 

On Music:
"Mees Veronica, since Michael Jackson is dead, who is the new King of Pop?"

Week One was fantabulous, crazy, exhausting, and has come and gone so quickly. I have found that I need to learn everything I can about Shakira and her Waka Waka song (because grades 1-5 all know it and love to sing it), that I need to learn more Italian, and that five year olds are walking oxymorons--in that they are terribly awesome creatures to work with.

And now as I look to the week to come  I am so happy that it is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect. (2 Samuel 22:33)


Ann Tremain Smith said...

You are a blessing to those kids and everyone you have met and will meet in Italy! :)

layla said...

Yoooo-laaaa Vero!
I see you are having lots of fun!!! So happy for you!
Me encanta tu blog, y las fotos... you are so should write a book!!! Veo que todavia te ries de "that's what she said" LOL
keep writting, yo voy a seguir leyendo!
un beso!

Stephanie Barnett said...

My Nica kids LOVE the waka waka song too- they ask me to sing it every single day and one of them even asked me if I know Shakira, haha. :) your blog is awesome!

Nichole said...