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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Food, freedom, and friends...round three

Well... School has started! And as I write, I am home from back to school night and a very awesome but tiring day! I love the kids! I love the people I work with... and am excited to see them grow and learn this year... Let's just say we have a long way to go... but we'll get there! I will write and reflect more on the first week happenings later... but for now here is some of the food I've eaten in the past 7 days or so :)

My first homemade Lasagna made by Nicoletta from church (AMAZINGly delicious)
I call this, "welcome to Italy" meal
We had Prosecco (white sparkly wine) with bagel bite bread and olive dip; Next course was the Lasagna with a read wine... Next course was roasted eggplant with tomato and mozzarella (so good); for dessert we had cioccolatta salame... (picture coming up)..and flavored grappa... (I WAS STUFFED!)

There's some of my cioccolatta salame..

This was Lizzy's birthday cake brought out by the restaurant we ate at... named... hmm don't remember

Two happy cappuccinos in Venice

Fun company--Mr. V from Ucountry and Mr. M from Italy taking me and Lizzy around Croatia where we ate.......

I ATE OCTOPUS salad--it was great! so many great flavors

Lizzy had grilled calamari with spinached potatoes

I had fried calamari and fries... THE freshest calamari I've ever had


Maddy said...

look at you tryin seafood. Woohoo I'm so proud of you!!

Alli said...

i can't believe you branched out and ate octopus salad!

Garden Buddha said...

Antico Panada is the resturaunt!

layla said...

Que cool la comida!!! yummy!