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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hump Day in Trieste

Filled with:
  • Lice in the elementary wing (AKA: sending a little first grader home because he had knits in his hair--and second case in our class this year...EEEK!!!)
  • Finding our classroom pet mouse that escaped in the hallway (well that was done by Amanda) and letting the children know that yes, the nameless mouse (they haven't decided on a name yet), has now returned from Mouseland :)
  • Getting sick to my stomach and running out of Grade 5 music class, later to be sent home with a short lived stomach bug (I think it is now completely out of my system. I am feeling A LOT better... just tired)
I was really bummed I did not get to teach my music classes when I got sick... I was so excited for them! But I'll make it up to the kids for sure sometime tomorrow and Friday.

That's all for now... GOING to Sleep.

AND for your information: I had my roommates extensively check my mass of curls for any signs of Lice (because I am paranoid--and ALL clear and clean for the time being!)


Ok last, I've been obsessed with PS22 elementary chorus from Staten Island, NY lately--check them out:

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Nichole said...

I'm praying for ZERO LICE!!! ICKK, if i EVER get that again i am shaving my head and that's it. I guess that is the danger of babysitting, working with Kids!!! JUST love them from afar! LOL I LOVE HER DAUGHTER DREAM! Discussion soon *MUAH