La Chureca, Nicaragua

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Feeling the love...

Thought jumble:

Today I opened my email to find messages from friends and family alike (either from email, text, or fb notifications). Words of encouragemet, love and just plain touching base with me filled my inbox and I welled up in grattitude for the community that the Lord has blessed me with. I did not realize how a simple word or note could be so impacting and life giving nor how much I needed it. And so now I thank the Lord for everyone he has placed in my life (bc really JC is always interceding and looking out for the saints) and thank all of my dear friends and family for keeping tabs on me and loving me even though we are so far away from each other.    

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Nichole said...

Awww ver! We are keeping you lifted up!!! It's a heavy cloud of witnesses wafting up!!! lol