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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dream come true...

So many of you who know me, know that I absolutely love the movie "Sister Act II: Back in Habit" (It's actually a family favorite and Ohana favorite)---and if you don't... Now you do :)

Here's my story:
Last year, I was the focus of a PhD-of-Educational-something candidate's  dissertation on teaching personas and the development of how you actually come to realize your personality as a teacher. I was observed, interviewed, and informally questioned on many occasions about who I am as a teacher (ok this and sister act totally tie together... I promise!). 

In the course of the interviews, I found myself quoting none other than, "Sister Mary Clarence" from Sister Act II and the movie quotes--the very best being, "If you want to be somebody, and if you want to go somewhere you better wake up and pay attention!"

I remember telling the PhD candidate that I hoped to one day tell my students that quote, to be like Sister Mary Clarence in the engagement factor of teaching, and to really get through to my students by knowing them and what gets them going while still maintaining "me" and showing my true self to them.

Ever since the interviews I dreamed of truly bringing some sister act II into my future classroom and today was the realization of the dream.

I posted the words on a poster--had students read it, tell me what they thought the quote meant, talked about it and what it meant for our music class and then We SANG IT!  PURE JOY and fun! 

I was simply and completely tickled inside as each elementary class sang the words.

I am happy to say the quote will now be routine in our music class! HAPPY

A Side-note:
while my third graders were singing it, an Italian teacher who speaks limited english popped her head in because she recognized the tune and ALSO LOVES the movie--I mean that's just destiny for us to be friends :)

So there you have it... dreams really do come true--even the little ones that we maybe think are insignificant when we dream them up--or silly to think of!

I'll leave an actual soundbite from the original movie:


Nichole said...

THIS IS FRIGGIN AWESOME! and the mantra for my day! VER, you are such a good teacher! I'm glad you were able to get your kids to do this! You are inspiring! Love you mean it.

Some Birds said...

Ciao bella! I made it to your blog and love that this was the first post I read. I love the movie too and only wish I could have walked by the classroom when you were teaching this lesson! I'd have sung along, I know.

Laura said...

you are already changing lives! Those students will never forget that:)

Savanna Kuisle said...

You are freaking awesome Ver! Come to Dhaka and sing with my 7th graders!!!

Liz said...

lady! when you got sick and had to leave yesterday, my kids were singing this song all afternoon - i'm pretty sure they love their music classes