La Chureca, Nicaragua

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Trieste-orialist/Mocktorialist goes to Venice and Croatia...

We are seeing a lot of interesting people out and about!

Venice: Man taking photo. There are still a ton of tourists in September (but I guess when are there not tourist). Most accents we heard were french. This is typical male garb...

Venice: Beautiful white dress belt combo. She was walking too fast to catch the front--but we agreed we loved what she was wearing.

Venice: The man with the white collared shirt and grey vest had very interesting suit on--only wish you could see closer to it many people passing by (we are getting better--i hope at stealth picture taking)

Venice: Linen suit. Great beard. He was attending a table of antique jewlery at the Venetian Flea Market! (this photo is courtesy of Lizzy DiMattia)

Croatia: This lady's lips matched her shoes... was probably the only noteworthy outfit we saw... Loved the hair...(This photo is courtesy of Lizzy DiMattia)

Croatia (Rovinj): The man to the left of the sound stand required a double take! He was wearing tights... and not sure what was going on...  (This photo is courtesy of Lizzy DiMattia)

All for now...


Nichole said...

Diggin the tights, lol i think the guy wih interesting suit was sort of handsome! when do you go to ROmE?!

layla said...

HOT GUY!!! con el suit.... wow!
LOVE LOVE LOVE el trajecito blanco con el cinturon!
eso es algo que tu te puedes poner!