La Chureca, Nicaragua

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Afternoon rooftops...

Our roof is a great place to read and hang out... Here you go:
So it was a beautiful afternoon... we couldn't resist climbing through my skylight to catch some rays and read *That's Liz's leg

Here are my feetsies and there is that's the roof slant... it's not that scary!

I was reading Her Daughter's Dream  by my favorite author, Francine Rivers. The part of the book where I read had a lot of great quotes said by a wise (in my opinion) great-grandmother. I was just eating up the words and pondering them. It reminded me of wisdom I use to receive from talks with my Abuela Fifa when I was younger and words of encouragement now I get through people like my sister, my aunt Leenda, my parents, Ohana, and other friends.... Anyhoo here are some I highlighted:

Quote from Her Daughter's Dream,  
"People either weigh you down or give you wings."
-(said by Oma, the great-grandmother)
"It's a good thing God isn't limited by what we have in mind for ourselves. His plan is so much bigger."
-(said by Oma, the great-grandmother)

And some more roomie-love! Here's us at the grand-opening of Zoe Foods one of our new favorite places in Trieste! 


Nichole said...

I Bought that dress Liz has on from H&M Yesterday, but I returned it today because I grabbed the wrong size and today they were all gone. :( ohwell. Love the rough top view... can those shingles fall off?! LOVE u!

Liz said...

LOVE the first quote: "people either weigh you down or give you wings."

would have been totally fitting for our convo earlier on the way home from the bus :)


Savanna Kuisle said...

Umm SUCH a fab pic! You guys look gorgeous! Italy is definitely looking amazing!