La Chureca, Nicaragua

Friday, September 24, 2010

Trieste-orialist at Zoe Foods & Happy Birthday LUCA!

I realized I never posted the interesting outfits I saw at Zoe Foods...
So here's one... and I've seen this guy mutiple times. Still sports the mustache and decor

This gal had all sorts of coolness going for her. We wondered if she actually tries... or just rolls out of the house looking the way she does!

Ok, not from Zoe Foods... BUT from "Il Pinguino" my favorite outdoor salsa/gelato place in town. This was from the last outdoor salsa dancing night. Imagine... on a pier... under the stars... perfect weather!! Awesomeness!

So when you go hiking to Val-Rossandra... Make sure you take with you: 1. waterbottle 2. hiking shoes, 3. Layers 4. Snacks, 5. Friends who also like to hike and are chill and fun to be around like Kristin (above), Kaitlin, and Liz :)

When we went hiking the hill areas of Val-Rossandra, we hiked up to this church built in 1267! It was literally built from the rock of the mountain... It was so beautiful and on top of the hill! We couldn't go inside but still cool!

LITTLE LUCA-nator's 
FIRST birthday! 


I just called... and the prince is napping!

He is such a blessing, bubble of joy, and delight.  I love that little (big) tank! I remember praying so hard for him--for his health, for his mama and papa, for his life, his future dreams, for a faith and love of God... I know it's only been one year... and that I get to be his praying aunt for a lifetime.. but its so cool to think that over a year ago, God knew that Luca would be more than ok (than what the doctors said-healthwise) and that he would be the absolute joy and delight and blessing to those he is around.  He is such a perceptive little guy (like his papa)--and he's happy, joyous--and loud (like his mama)...and musical (like his Rivera genes)  and I really just want to hug him and hold him ALL the time...and it's moments like this, when I'm however many miles away that I miss being there like a heavy weight... I hope that Dad, Mom, Niks, and Scott and everyone back home keep being anal about video taping every moment... because I want to see them. And I really hope Luca doesn't forget his Titi while she's gone for a little while in old Italia :)

To: Luca Elliot Haun 
(whose name means bringer of light who's close to God)

yes he is the cutest!

yes... it's easy to be obsessed when you get to look at a face like this!

I just love this kid so much it hurts!

And the beautiful family he is apart of :)


Liz said...

those pictures of luca are insanely adorable!!! love him and i've only met him once!

Liz Wood said...

OH my goodness. Luca is sooo cute.