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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Molder of Dreams

I heard this on the radio today...  Guy Douds, who won the National teacher of the year award in 1986, had President Reagan read this poem, "Molder of Dreams," to him at his recognition. It moved me to tears hearing his life story followed by the poem below.  Feeling inspired... go teachers!

Molder of Dreams

by Clark Mollenhoff (deceased)

Teachers …
You are the molders of their dreams,
the gods who build or crush
their young beliefs of right or wrong.
You are the spark that sets aflame the
poet's hand, or lights the flame
of some great singer's song.
You are the gods of the young, the very young.
You are the guardian of a million dreams.
Your every smile or frown can heal or pierce a heart.
Yours are a hundred lives, a thousand lives,
yours the pride of loving them, and the sorrow, too.
Your patient work, your touch, make you the gods of hope
who fill their souls with dreams
to make those dreams come true.

Excerpted from the Focus on the Family radio broadcast "Teacher of the Year" featuring Guy Doud. President Ronald Reagan read this poem to Doud when Doud received the 1986 National Teacher of the Year for the United States of America. Used with permission.{0881D71B-2F91-4323-8100-8D0817D46213}

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hump Day

I love Wednesday's because that's the middle of the week, when you've climbed up the hump and smooth cruising on down is ahead.

I haven't written in forever... and I decided to write one thing I'm thankful for: Wednesdays :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A tribute to George

 I was away on travels with no internet last week and when returned I got news about the death of my best friend's dad, George Martin.  Liz wrote, "I'm very sorry to tell you that my Dad went home to the Lord this morning." Now my heart has begun another great ache because I love this man and his family dearly. The respect I have for him and the Martin's has grown over the years through witnessing and participating in their lives.  Distance seems to be my enemy as I am far away and not near as the "adopted daughter" that George and Fran (and the rest of the fam) allowed me to be in their home.... and so while away, I find I can pray, grieve in spirit, and write.

Fran and George on their Family cruise
Now George was a husband, a father, a brother, a friend...and much more to the communities around him. I'm getting one of those tearful smiles as I think about the interactions I have had with him and the great presence he carried around with him. I mean the guy studied geography in college--totally the making of an interesting person.

Through my eyes I got to see a man who...

loved Jesus and served him faithfully in his church and in his home... 

a man who....

was a loving and respected father to his children and invited others (like me) to receive his fatherly care..

a man who...

loved to sing and take a try on the instruments he knew for the love and joy of it (the piano in their home, the bass guitar at church)...

a man who...

was purposeful in his question asking and funny in his banter of conversation...(did Nick and Em get their comedic personalities from George or Fran?)


was there for all our move-ins and move-outs of college with a helping hand... 

and who... 

danced a father-daughter dance with me at Jon and Marisa's wedding because he was 'my dad' too and wanted a turn with me...

And really a lot of how I got to know George was through Liz. She just loves her dad so much! She spoke so highly of him, of the life values she had learned from him and her mother,  and had so many fun memories to share (of the 'before I knew the Martin's era' in our lives)--things like  the almost drowning at the beach video, the 80's sweatpants/short-shorts suits, the entire Martin family refereeing soccer games on saturday's per his leading, what trips and travels looked like for George and Fran abroad,  and his concern to know the facts and details about different places we were going on missions trips to--presenting us with detailed CIA world-fact book information before departures.  

The name George means "Tiller of soil, a farmer, a husbandman."  To me the meaning implies hard-worker--totally George, and relational--also spot on George. These traits I admire about him and the memories that Fran, Jon, Nick, Liz, Emily, Marisa, Spencer, Auntie Dawn and  many other family carry from him will continue to have effects and warm hearts.  One of my prayers for the Martin's is to find comfort and strength in the Lord as they come together to mourn--and hope from Jesus which can not disappoint.

 Early Christians wrote on their tombs quotes such as, "one who lives with God," or "He was taken up into his eternal home," and my favorite which I will apply now pertaining to Papa George Martin: "In Christ, George is not dead, but lives." (Heaven, by Randy Alcorn).

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Schools Out -- Massage in Portoroz, Slovenia

School is out!

tears were shed as I began to say goodbye to good friends, colleagues, and students. What a year... what a whirlwind of joy teaching as a first grade and music teacher!

After school was out, we had two work days cleaning up shop (That was a monday and a tuesday). On the wednesday after that I went to the beach Grignano where I successfully lost my italian cell phone (go me, after a whole year with it, I lose it at the very end! ughh eek!). And then THURSDAY headed out with Amanda to Portoroz, Slovenia for my first professional massage EVER!  oh my goodness was that quite an experience!

So Amanda and I get dropped off on a beautiful stretch of beach in Portoroz on the one side, and a five-star hotel/resort/spa thingy-mabob on the other facing us. We had an hour to spare so we went to a restaurant along the water beach side where the waiter asked us what we wanted (which wasn't on the menu), said he could do that, and then said we wanted two large beers and sat us down. We sat down before we realized that he basically told us what we wanted and then when I went to change the order, he had beat me with the beers and huge sandwiches! that was fun... and then we went back to the hotel for the massage!

 It was the "Shakti Ayurveda Centre" of the Lifeclass Hotels & Spa . Anyway we walk up, they point us to the right direction of  the spa center. We take an elevator, come out, turn---and BANG, I'm in India all of a sudden (or at least it felt like that). There were these two huge ornately decorated green/white doors with all the sorts of indian engravings and symbols that you can think of; and the door had a huge heavy  handle and it was quite an exertion of strength to open. When we walked in, the inner chamber was dark.  There was mood music going on and incense burning. I was thinking, What the heck did I just walk into?  it looked like this:
Anyhoo we come in and they immediately usher us to back rooms that have low lighting and look really comfortable and there is  this earthy, water-fally type music playing.  The guy massaging me hands me my change of clothes, which wasn't much, and instructed to me to lie down. Then it was time for a massage. It was 80 minute-full body- relaxation... we're talking the music, the lots of oil that smelled nice, and some powdery herby bags that they used at the end to get the oil off of you...we're also talking the sometimes awkward-ness on my part--but hey--it was my first professional massage! ...I also must say that I  tried really hard not to fall asleep, but I did at one point... ok maybe two...(shoot!)-- 

Then at the end of our massage they gave us the BEST tea ever... I should have asked for the name. But it was a perfect amount of sweetness and florally-ness :)

After the massage we were deliriously happy and relaxed... we barely noticed when an hour went by and our ride hadn't picked us up--well we noticed... but we were so calm that we really didn't care much... after an hour and a half of waiting we decided that we should probably be concerned and attempted figuring out our situation.

Long story short, our original ride didn't come (we found out later they were in an accident--but they are okay!),  and after attempting to walk the 100 Kms home to Trieste, we fortunately, got picked up and rescued by Amanda's husband Michael and our italian friend Dario! Ok we actually barely walked more than maybe 2 km---fine, 1 km... before we turned around and waited for our rescuers while enjoying the evening with nutella crepes :)

What a day :)  the night ended with a pizza in Opicina and sleep

the next day i rested...and Saturday I headed to Lugano, Switzerland to see Lizzy and Alex and the rest of his fam-

and I'm thinking now: Oh adventures before returning home :)... I have more to write about!.... Lugano's next... 

Review: The weekends of May... (at the end of June)

May was a great month--it just flew by way to quickly.

School just got out yesterday (As in June 17th--was when I started this post) and I decided I had/have some major recaps to do--not only for myself--but for the sake of the year and the experience here in Italy.

I like to call May my "yes man" month. There were a lot of little adventures happening that I said yes to go on--and I am so glad that I did because it was quite a month :)

1st Weekend of May (April 30-1st--and you may really call it last weekend of April):
I was traveling back from Malta--I have yet to really write about this adventure but--I think will open up a draft and begin to write about it.. it will come :)

2nd Weekend of May (May 7-8th): RUN A LOT!
I ran a 1/2 Marathon in Trieste with friends...2 hours 2 minutes of a seaside route. IT was a small race and most people were hard core runners who finished before me-but I still had loads of fun. Ever since I found out I was living abroad the dream to run had been birthed!

3rd Weekend of May (May 14-th):  Pick your ADVENTURE round 1
We rented a car last minute on a friday to go camping in Plitvicke national lakes in Croatia.
It was a hard time navigating to the place even with the GPS because--well just because... and we camped in Bungalows that had beds that are sweeter than my bed in Trieste--so I really felt like we were "roughing" it!
I think the Plitvicke lakes might be one of my favorite places in ALL of Croatia (besides the Premantura Peninsula)... It was simply magical--My eyes have never seen quite so many of the most perfect blues in the world and we hiked all day which is what I like to do when I travel--BE OUTSIDE :)

Then we had the pleasure of crossing the border into Bosnia and going to a little town called "Bihac" for a coffee and walk around.
Pictures don't really do it justice!

4th Weekend of May (May 21-22nd):  Pick Your ADVENTURE round 2
The adventures continue as we go to Krk Island, Croatia. We had a two car caravan. Traveled with ease because of the wonderful road signs to this Croatian island AND my frisbee finally made it out to play! There were huge platforms out in the water that you swim to and dive off of and we certainly enjoyed tossing and attempting to catch the frisbee.  Krk was peaceful and small. Apparently we went just in time--in a few weeks there will be no beach space because that's were tons and tons of people go in the peak summer months to catch rays. The car ride was fun too--the little Fiat we rented was comfortable and we listened to Glee for part of the way (coming off the season finale high) and some other dance tunes.  Best part of Croatia this weekend was by far the sunset. I have it as my desktop backdrop currently.

5th Weekend of May (May 28th-29th): Relax a little
Hang out and Show prep!!  I had a great day in Trieste--I checked a ton off of a piling to-do list for my last music show prep and I had dinner with some church friends. There was a plan to go out to the Castle of San Giusto because we had tried the weekend before and gone too early... but we just kind of all crashed from the long weekend and long times we had been having.

May seemed to be coming to an end and June was rolling in with a Music show, friends leaving, bridesmaids duties in the states, lots of wrap ups and tears... looking at May I can tell already how it was a set up for June to be such a whirlwind.  June started with a bang (my last show)... but I think I will begin a new post for that one!

Monday, June 13, 2011

63 hours in the USA for Mal and Michael's wedding

This weekend I had the pleasure of going home to the USofA for the first time in about 10 1/2 months. I just calculated-and I was in the states for 63 hours and I traveled for 45-not too shabby! But for real, the reason for the trip: Mal and Michael's wedding! To give a little background, ever since I decided to move to Italy, the plan was not to leave unless there was an emergency or a certain friend (ahem, Mal) was getting married :) 

Michael proposed, I booked my flight, and a TON happened in between--and then finally this weekend it was time for their union and I got to spend time with friends and family for such a joyous event.

Not only did I get to spend time with best friends, but my amazing family was there for me to pick me (Mom, Irisita, and Kenny) up from the airport (though I was 4.5 hours late), drive me back, and have some of my dad's best puerto rican meals in the few hours I was with them--and  they had welcome home signs!

The weekend was amazing-it was quite a whirlwind, but it was also a testament of God's goodness, faithfulness, and love--seeing a man a woman become one in marriage with the purpose to glorify their maker--and a community of friends and family who are willing to pray, support, and also testify to how they have seen the relationship grow and blossom under God's grace...oh--how it was beautiful :)

And my fam--I'll just say I am so pumped to spend more time with them in a month--and the few hours with them were not enough!

and.... I just got home and thought... well I've been terrible at blogging, but how about I do some now until I majorly crash from all the jetlag (spelling?)
Happy! great weekend:)

AND--school is out in four days :) woooweeee

I am so glad to be friends with you as you journey in marriage

Mal was stunning

Connie ready for the show

The wedding was hands on effort :) Molly sprinkling sparkles (what are those called?-sprinkles? on Madd's cupcakes)

Ohana-we are missing our dear Beth--

Madd's mad baking skills
Some of Madd's cupcakes

So happy with them

Luca and Scott drove me down and back! Nikki too... what amazing family!

Mr and Mrs Michael Taylor Joyce :)

me, Irisita, and Nikki--Irisita just arrived from Panama we coordinated seeing each other 

Me with Luca--I love this kid! Can't wait to spend loads of time with him in the US :)

Oh what a weekend--I'm going to cherish it forever!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

In the Budapest!

A long weekend is upon us! With no plans officially made...Liz and I just decided to go to Budapest :)

Just got was 12 hour night train through four countries! Fun! Some new
Passport stamps and getting ready to go out to
Look around :)

Oh random

Monday, May 2, 2011

Cinque-Terre; Parma; MALTA! Preview

Bottom line: "When there's a will...There's a way"

Cinque Terre

Dingly (spelling?) Cliffs, Malta --

I'll be toasting that to LB for the rest of our lives...

Great week... probably some of the most incredible things my eyes have ever seen.... and now--back to school with the music show crunch time looming... I think I may finally just post pictures of my life in Italy on facebook :)

anyway, I keep chuckling at what we got ourselves into...

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter! He is Risen!

More People that I love have arrived!
Julia and Carson... AMAZING ladies. HAPPY!

The four of us have been chillin!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Jaime came to Italy: We ate, we saw, we conquered :)

Jaime came to visit me in Italy! When she arrived for her five day adventure in Italy (and the Tour de Slovenia, Croatia, and Venice, better know to us as "SloVenCRoa), the airlines not only lost her luggage, but there was also a national bus strike going on in Italy so she had a long wait and journey just to unite with me! What a trooper though, she was all smiles when I greeted her at the Bus depot.  We walked along the water of Trieste to watch the sunset and had our photograph taken by a New York times freelance photographer doing a spot on Trieste. It was quite an evening and first night of fun! Fresh calamari, good pizza, and SLEEP!

Later on in the weekend, we rescued her bag from the airport, visited the Castle Miramare, and went on an Osmiza adventure. IT WAS a phenomenal evening. Liz, Lizzy, Molly, Jaime, and I packed up our little rental car with blankets and the guitar and preceded to sing and be jolly and merry like Italians do at Osmizas to great meals. 

Later we visited Venice, wandered the streets, ate Gelato, had pasta, and called it a day as we were finally tired from wandering aimlessly. 

I am so glad to have had her around. We had great conversations and lots of laughs. She is a dear and wonderful friend :)  

Here are some pictures:
Jaime came to Italy! This is in Premantura island... near Pula, Croatia

Pula, Croatia had awesome Roman ruins!

We showed Jaime around to Trieste's Carso... and introduced her to Osmizas!

A beautiful, beautiful day in Croatia... with four great friends :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Budget deal averts shutdown

Budget deal averts shutdown

Ok for real... 7th band-aid extension and for...One week? Catching up on news can be overwhelming at times....Liz, Lizzy, and I are sipping coffee and wondering why the world is...well falling apart... well... I may have some answers, but I'm going to stop now and get ready for church.

Government shutdown: How it came to this

Government shutdown: How it came to this

Interesting article about the government "shutdown"... I'm trying to figure out what's going on in the US of A!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Harrington's, 10k, and Spring :)

I am still behind with the upkeep of my blog... but here are some brief highlights of the end of march and early April :)

The Harrington's
Well... March ended with a blast of warm air from Uganda when I got to reunite with Molly and Michele Harrington. Sharing time with them in Italy was just so good for the heart. I mean anytime with an Ohana girl is the simply the best.  Having a best friend around... YES! I loved navigating cities with them... enjoying gelato, walking, talking and just laughing... here are some photos of that:
Overlooking the Umbrian Valley from Assisi

Making our way into Assisi on a cloudy Friday morning

Oh yea... Ohana

San Francesco Basilica, Assisi, Italy

Stramilano 10k
Liz and I journeyed to Milan last weekend to run a 10k.  It was super fun... Liz bought some clothes, we carb-loaded with heart-shaped pizza's (mine had french fries and pepperoni on it), and then ran amongst some funny "athletic" Italians.  One man was smoking a cigarette at the starting line.... I'm so proud of us... we had so much fun... and we are at the half way point of our half marathon training. I ran 10 miles yesterday... feeling good for May8th!

Me and Liz, Piazza Del Duomo right before Stramilano 10k
 Spring Time in Trieste Thoughts:
It's spring! Yesterday it was 78 degrees outside. A gorgeous day...I loved every minute... and I am super excited for more warm weeks ahead. I ran in the morning, ate the biggest orange I've ever eaten in my life with Lizzy on the pier near Piazza Unit√°, wandered the city, and then had aperitivo on the water at Barcola. The sunset was amazing. Spring is here!
Sunset at Barcola, Miramare--Trieste, Italy (April 2 2011)

Fishermen at dusk....Trieste, Italy
 Artwork--Trieste, Italy
Can anyone name all the people in this depiction of the last supper below?

Neat Artsy, "Last Supper" in a Cafe in Trieste

what to eat/drink after a run

So a lot of us are gearing up and training for the Trieste "Bavisela," Half Marathon and Marathon. In February, training was grueling and at times non-existent with the Bora and horrible weather. But with the first of april came sun rays and a beautiful spring! Now all I want to do is be outside.

And.... running is fun again! Happy!

After all my runs I drink a tall glass of Chocolate Milk. My roomies asked why I do it, and I said, that in the Crack Shack last year, Dan/Laura told me it was good to drink it... and that they had a good reason that I couldn't remember... Liz also drank muscle milk after exercise... and it just became a habit.... hmmm... Anyway... I looked it up... Here's the answer that I got from

Question: What Should I Eat After a Run?
Do I need to eat something after a run?
Answer: After running, especially a long run, you want to replenish energy as quickly as possible. Studies have shown that muscles are most receptive to rebuilding glycogen (stored glucose) stores within the first 30 minutes after exercise. If you eat soon after your workout, you can minimize muscle stiffness and soreness.
You'll want to consume primarily carbs, but don't ignore protein. A good rule of thumb for post-run food is a ratio of 1 gram of protein to 3 grams of carbs. Nutrition bars, such as Clif bars or Power bars, are healthy options. Other examples would be a bagel with peanut butter or a smoothie made with fruit and yogurt.
If you feel like you can't stomach solid food immediately after a run, try drinking some chocolate milk. Chocolate milk provides plenty of protein, carbohydrates and B vitamins —- making it a greatrecovery drink. And cold chocolate milk tastes pretty refreshing after a run.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ringraziamo...We give thanks

Today at church we were sharing what we were thankful for during a musical interlude of one of the worship songs. Church is in Italian and so I always think of things I could share but have been a little too shy to actually speak up and share.

Today though, all of a sudden I had and knew my words of what I wanted to say and in the right language (italian).... I was going to let the moment pass, but I had my heart welling up in my throat, and a pounding in my chest to just speak up.

I said:

"Dio, grazie che tu sei il Principe di la pace e mio principe di la pace.  Dove tu sei Signore, c'√© la pace"

 Which means: God, thank you for being the Prince of Peace and my Prince of Peace. Where you are Lord, there is peace.

Anyway, I really felt apart of the community in that moment. I generally ask my church friends to speak to me in Italian. We do a mixture of Italian and English so that they can practice and I can practice. Today it was to ringraziare--give thanks all together and in Italian :)

Courtesy of Lisa Bliss' camera :)
peacefully enjoying a good face paint at Carnevale

Friday, March 4, 2011

Skyping with Bobby!

Technology rocks... I haven't gotten to see Bobbers in way too long! and it all started with a remember Nica email :)

  Yay Nica team from last year.!!!! I am praying for the XA spring break teams this year!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

140 KPH wind today...

a huge crane just floated away to the middle of the gulf of trieste.... phone booths are being blown over... trees are completely wrecking cars... terracotta (how do you spell that?) roof tiles are flying away striking people cars, the likes.... AND people are being handled like kites by BORA and getting complete smack down on pavements... I'm scared to walk outside--because literally the sky is falling... HELP!

this is BORA,  Mediterranean Winds
(Bora blowing people over back in the day)

... and as I write, I stand corrected, it has been clocked at 170 KPH (which is approx 105.6 mph)


Teaching resources

I want to remember this site.

Kaitlin shared it with me today and rocked my world! What, I don't have to use powerpoint to make a jeopardy game for my kids!? YAY!

Check it out!

use it :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

120 kph wind today

Ever heard of the Bora?

It's that cold Siberian wind that comes to Trieste ever so often for  two-to three days of havoc.

and it's here!

I almost was blown away today several times....

Can't spring just come soon and the BORA stay in Siberia?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Looking for a dress

So Mal Pal Conkeynator gets married soon (in June HAPPY-i get to fly back from Trieste for a Marathon weekend before the end of school!)... i am happening upon some dresses in and around Italy that are the Blush pink that are in the right bridesmaid's category... but nothing yet that I want to wear.... I think I may have to chance ordering online... I am  definitely glad she made a "pinterest" web page  and I'm also glad that Molls brought the site to my radar again.... This is all to say, the search is on again :)

Bottom Line: I need to find something to wear for my Bridesmaidness! Calling on my Shugars-mumsy and nikki to look at Mal's website for suggestions (I'd like a one-shouldered deal)

Back in Trieste...straight to Zoe

Kristin and I got in late last night after getting on the super long train home... To end the week of per chance encounters with interesting people, an Italian man asked to "have a conversation" with us to practice his English after he heard me and Kristin talking about the loud chewer on the train.

It was like conversation partners or something gone...I dont't know, stilted...episode of the office or something... I mean he didn't even want to shake my hand when we introduced ourselves... but explained it would save me from whatever was polluting his... hmm...thanks :)

But real quick,

Berlin= great city...I miss it already

More to come on it... I'm sipping coffee with Kristin and Ron at Zoe like we should now :)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

When everything changes quickly

In the past week and a half both my Abuelos left this world. Abuelo Salvi, left after fighting cancer...and just now Abuelo Malave quickly and unexpectedly passed. The news of Abuelo Malave just devastated my heart anew. I felt like I had a chance to say goodbye to Abuelo Salvi...but not
Abuelo Malave.

I have been traveling through Europe as all these events unfold. It has been hard to process. I am already away from my home that is away from home.

So last night it was our last in Berlin, Germany before the travel back to Trieste. The girls tucked me in so I could have some time alone and I sat and wrote what I thought currently of how I was missing Abuelo Malave...and I guess I found mourning happens in different ways for everyone... Some people get angry--and yell... some beat at their chest at God working out all the pain... some cry softly, some wail loud... Some people laugh... others sing...Some ignore the pain and just try to keep moving. I feel like I've done a lot of these things (especially keep moving)... but tonight, I wrote.

When everything changed quickly: Abuelo Malave

Today I heard him laugh on the street corner.

It was far reaching--contagious...and I  chuckled too.

I smelled his scent amidst the bustle of the train,
Una mezcla de sweet mouthwash and cologne.

This made me look for him...

I saw his smile as I crossed the street:

A charmed nose grin on the shrek face;  wasn't even closing my eyes.

The wind carried his embrace:

Round soft and comfortable; 
I just wished I could feel the warmth of him in it.

The sky shed the tears I could not:
A gentle, deeply pained cry;

His life made travelers turn
To smile and gaze upon-
Abuelo...simply stated Malave.

Then after this... the tears came to flow slow and steadily...and there were the  small pained gasps. I really do love him just the, tomorrow as always... He is  my Abuelo Malave.

Abuelo Sayings, Principles, and Practices:
-Drink your 8 glasses of water a day (for Abuelo Beer was included in this count... but that part of the rule only counted for him)
-Call people out when they are spending too much money on silly things... He would say, "Money heavy on you?"
-Look at everyone as friends that you just haven't met yet and win them over (that's the WOO that he imparted to my mom, Nikki, and me)
-Love your family... help them out and look out for them... because they are the most important people you have
-Read the Newspaper--its like a college education (Abuelo's words)
-Work hard and be yourself...and he always said, Vero, I'm proud of you baby :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What I like about Dublin

Hands down the best thing that Ireland has to offer is it's people.

We have been here for four days now and the thing that I am loving the most is recounting the interactions, evenings and times spent with Irishmen:)

Other things I like:
-The bridges along the river Liffey...especially the Santiago Calatrava bridge

-the blue skies we've had everyday (not so much the rain today)

-the Guinness at St. Jame's gate brewery... And it's gravity bar that gives you the most wonderful 360 view of the city of the surrounding mountains and ocean :)

-Rugby and being with both the french and irish as we saw the final game of the six nations rugby tournament...not to mention learning about the INS and outs of the game, players, and positions from Kristin...and then also really wanting to watch Invictus

-"firework" by Katy perry following us in every public place we go

-Irish music: both he tap dancing stuff going on and the local music

-brown eyed girl being played in three consecutive pubs in a row because van morrison or the original writers of that song are Irish!

-being pegged as "Lisa Bonet" at pubs-- and then hearing a group of Irishmen try to impersonate The Cosby Show and say Bill Cosby's show last name

-temple bar

-porter house brewery

-Jameson's whiskey distillery and their wonderful tour guide

-visiting John Patrick Delaney's family pub... And him and Mary getting two rounds bought for them by the Irish locals :)

The list will go on... It's time for a quick walk....


Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fur Coats around Italy...

I found that it is a rule of thumb: If you are over 60 some years of age, you have fur....

Coming in pairs of twos

Walking with their husbands

Or alone and on a mission...

Hair and Fur similar colors

Golden Girls BFF arm in arm in fur

She was so cute... 4'10"