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Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Harrington's, 10k, and Spring :)

I am still behind with the upkeep of my blog... but here are some brief highlights of the end of march and early April :)

The Harrington's
Well... March ended with a blast of warm air from Uganda when I got to reunite with Molly and Michele Harrington. Sharing time with them in Italy was just so good for the heart. I mean anytime with an Ohana girl is the simply the best.  Having a best friend around... YES! I loved navigating cities with them... enjoying gelato, walking, talking and just laughing... here are some photos of that:
Overlooking the Umbrian Valley from Assisi

Making our way into Assisi on a cloudy Friday morning

Oh yea... Ohana

San Francesco Basilica, Assisi, Italy

Stramilano 10k
Liz and I journeyed to Milan last weekend to run a 10k.  It was super fun... Liz bought some clothes, we carb-loaded with heart-shaped pizza's (mine had french fries and pepperoni on it), and then ran amongst some funny "athletic" Italians.  One man was smoking a cigarette at the starting line.... I'm so proud of us... we had so much fun... and we are at the half way point of our half marathon training. I ran 10 miles yesterday... feeling good for May8th!

Me and Liz, Piazza Del Duomo right before Stramilano 10k
 Spring Time in Trieste Thoughts:
It's spring! Yesterday it was 78 degrees outside. A gorgeous day...I loved every minute... and I am super excited for more warm weeks ahead. I ran in the morning, ate the biggest orange I've ever eaten in my life with Lizzy on the pier near Piazza Unitá, wandered the city, and then had aperitivo on the water at Barcola. The sunset was amazing. Spring is here!
Sunset at Barcola, Miramare--Trieste, Italy (April 2 2011)

Fishermen at dusk....Trieste, Italy
 Artwork--Trieste, Italy
Can anyone name all the people in this depiction of the last supper below?

Neat Artsy, "Last Supper" in a Cafe in Trieste


Mallory said...

the pics of that sunset are gorgeous, ver! i am so ready to have you here and get to spend some good time with ya!

Sal said...

Here's a link that shows who's who in the picture:

Liz Wood said...

Verrrrr! It's so good to get an update! I'll be praying for your 1/2 marathon training! Mal and Madds and I are still at the 6 mile/ 7 mile mark of our training but its going well!

Sarah Beth said...

Beautiful, fisherman at dusk.

Kelsey said...

I really wish you had a picture of the guy smoking at the starting line - that's hilarious! What a cool experience. I'm sure it was a gorgeous run.

As for the picture...uhhh einstein, homer simpson, marilyn monroe, and is that bob marley on the end? Haha no idea about the rest!