La Chureca, Nicaragua

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ringraziamo...We give thanks

Today at church we were sharing what we were thankful for during a musical interlude of one of the worship songs. Church is in Italian and so I always think of things I could share but have been a little too shy to actually speak up and share.

Today though, all of a sudden I had and knew my words of what I wanted to say and in the right language (italian).... I was going to let the moment pass, but I had my heart welling up in my throat, and a pounding in my chest to just speak up.

I said:

"Dio, grazie che tu sei il Principe di la pace e mio principe di la pace.  Dove tu sei Signore, c'é la pace"

 Which means: God, thank you for being the Prince of Peace and my Prince of Peace. Where you are Lord, there is peace.

Anyway, I really felt apart of the community in that moment. I generally ask my church friends to speak to me in Italian. We do a mixture of Italian and English so that they can practice and I can practice. Today it was to ringraziare--give thanks all together and in Italian :)

Courtesy of Lisa Bliss' camera :)
peacefully enjoying a good face paint at Carnevale


Savanna Kuisle said...

Beautiful post and beautiful face you Ver!

Butch said...

hey i was just thinking i want to follow a blog earlier this week and i just found your blog today v-ron how cool is that cant wait to read about italy