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Monday, June 13, 2011

63 hours in the USA for Mal and Michael's wedding

This weekend I had the pleasure of going home to the USofA for the first time in about 10 1/2 months. I just calculated-and I was in the states for 63 hours and I traveled for 45-not too shabby! But for real, the reason for the trip: Mal and Michael's wedding! To give a little background, ever since I decided to move to Italy, the plan was not to leave unless there was an emergency or a certain friend (ahem, Mal) was getting married :) 

Michael proposed, I booked my flight, and a TON happened in between--and then finally this weekend it was time for their union and I got to spend time with friends and family for such a joyous event.

Not only did I get to spend time with best friends, but my amazing family was there for me to pick me (Mom, Irisita, and Kenny) up from the airport (though I was 4.5 hours late), drive me back, and have some of my dad's best puerto rican meals in the few hours I was with them--and  they had welcome home signs!

The weekend was amazing-it was quite a whirlwind, but it was also a testament of God's goodness, faithfulness, and love--seeing a man a woman become one in marriage with the purpose to glorify their maker--and a community of friends and family who are willing to pray, support, and also testify to how they have seen the relationship grow and blossom under God's grace...oh--how it was beautiful :)

And my fam--I'll just say I am so pumped to spend more time with them in a month--and the few hours with them were not enough!

and.... I just got home and thought... well I've been terrible at blogging, but how about I do some now until I majorly crash from all the jetlag (spelling?)
Happy! great weekend:)

AND--school is out in four days :) woooweeee

I am so glad to be friends with you as you journey in marriage

Mal was stunning

Connie ready for the show

The wedding was hands on effort :) Molly sprinkling sparkles (what are those called?-sprinkles? on Madd's cupcakes)

Ohana-we are missing our dear Beth--

Madd's mad baking skills
Some of Madd's cupcakes

So happy with them

Luca and Scott drove me down and back! Nikki too... what amazing family!

Mr and Mrs Michael Taylor Joyce :)

me, Irisita, and Nikki--Irisita just arrived from Panama we coordinated seeing each other 

Me with Luca--I love this kid! Can't wait to spend loads of time with him in the US :)

Oh what a weekend--I'm going to cherish it forever!

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Liz Wood said...

Ver! It was so great to see you this weekend! You are an amazing friend. I'm looking forward to many more times with you this summer and next year!