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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Looking for a dress

So Mal Pal Conkeynator gets married soon (in June HAPPY-i get to fly back from Trieste for a Marathon weekend before the end of school!)... i am happening upon some dresses in and around Italy that are the Blush pink that are in the right bridesmaid's category... but nothing yet that I want to wear.... I think I may have to chance ordering online... I am  definitely glad she made a "pinterest" web page  and I'm also glad that Molls brought the site to my radar again.... This is all to say, the search is on again :)

Bottom Line: I need to find something to wear for my Bridesmaidness! Calling on my Shugars-mumsy and nikki to look at Mal's website for suggestions (I'd like a one-shouldered deal)

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