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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What I like about Dublin

Hands down the best thing that Ireland has to offer is it's people.

We have been here for four days now and the thing that I am loving the most is recounting the interactions, evenings and times spent with Irishmen:)

Other things I like:
-The bridges along the river Liffey...especially the Santiago Calatrava bridge

-the blue skies we've had everyday (not so much the rain today)

-the Guinness at St. Jame's gate brewery... And it's gravity bar that gives you the most wonderful 360 view of the city of the surrounding mountains and ocean :)

-Rugby and being with both the french and irish as we saw the final game of the six nations rugby tournament...not to mention learning about the INS and outs of the game, players, and positions from Kristin...and then also really wanting to watch Invictus

-"firework" by Katy perry following us in every public place we go

-Irish music: both he tap dancing stuff going on and the local music

-brown eyed girl being played in three consecutive pubs in a row because van morrison or the original writers of that song are Irish!

-being pegged as "Lisa Bonet" at pubs-- and then hearing a group of Irishmen try to impersonate The Cosby Show and say Bill Cosby's show last name

-temple bar

-porter house brewery

-Jameson's whiskey distillery and their wonderful tour guide

-visiting John Patrick Delaney's family pub... And him and Mary getting two rounds bought for them by the Irish locals :)

The list will go on... It's time for a quick walk....


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