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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Challenged, Behind, but TOTALLY HAPPY :)

So it took me four hours to book four plane tickets yesterday... I find that I'm totally big picture driven.. when it comes to details... I'm a little slow (hence four hours to book four flights)

THE GREAT (i mean great is totally an understatement) NEWS IS:

I'm going to Paris, Barcelona, and Granada in just three weeks! EEEEEEK!

Ok Now...

In my quiet absence this month so far... a lot has been happening. There was a food festival in Trieste, I went to Siena, Italy last weekend, and this weekend BARCOLANA one of the biggest sailing regattas in the world was here in Trieste!

This past week leading up to Barcolana also just so happens to have been my FAVORITE week in Italy so far.... Basically every day was some kind of wonderful.. and I consistently made some Carrie Bradshaw squeals that I never knew I had in me...

I will probably be "blog vomitting" (as I called it to Liz) to catch up on what's been happening :)

Trieste in the evening (is not the view amazing?)

My saturday  night meal in Siena--Pici di Cinghiale (Wild Boar!)

Siena---This is the view from the church tower... AMAZING! I couldn't believe the sights! Beyond the city you can see the hills of Tuscany :)

And from this weekend, Barcolana--I was up on the hill in Opicina... Looking down on the city of Trieste :)... What an amazing day and an amazing race!

i love Trieste

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