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Thursday, October 21, 2010

a FRIEND has arrived!

TIM came to ITALY!

and he brought a friend, Sean!

So basically this week has been awesome, fantabulous and then some! I am sooooooo HAPPY to have guests! 

Tim and Sean went to Slovenia yesterday while I was teaching my little first graders and music classes and then we enjoyed an "Italian" meal in our canal. When we left the restaurant we began to wander around Trieste following our ears to a legit dance party happening at a local bar in celebration of The Tottenham-Intermilan game where Inter kicked butt at the very end... Of course this meant for a very interesting dance party with oldie American music repertoire (Macho Man was featured, need I say more?)...

Today... Tim and Sean ventured out to Croatia and have just walked in the door. We're heading for an authentic Spanish dinner party with some of my co-workers and then out to explore some more of the city.....

I AM SO HAPPY friends are here! 

1 comment:

Tim Parrish said...

Thanks for:

- housing us
- showing us around
- staying up until 2am when you have to teach the next day
- not saving me from paying 100 Croatian dollars for a simple scarf today
- being the nicest human being alive

Ciao bella,