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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Birthday SAL!

I am so happy to say that I got the privilege of talking to Salvi on the phone today (or actually yesterday... the 30th of June... One of the most important days of the year--duh!) ! My little big brother is now a big 16 year old and it sounded as if he was having a good day!
On another note... I haven't posted in way too long.  
Last week was pretty crazy.  We were getting into the swing of things programs and teaching wise, so i spent the least amount of time ever on my computer to reflect and update.

Last week we had more responsibility to actually lesson plan and take a bigger role in the programs and classes we chose to be apart of--
I loved it! I think English classes are my favorite academic classes to be apart of. 

The students are awesome.  In my Monday and Wednesday adult beginner's english class there are about 15-30 students that come.  They very from age 12 to age 52 (totally guessing), but they are all eager to learn.

Today we taught prepositions and had different writing and speaking activities.... Next class we will have a little "pruebita" (quiz) and play some simon says :)
In my Chureca Beginner's English class we practiced reading comprehension of the English vocabulary that the students learned last week.  They have market, education, fighting, and gifting vocabulary that the students (who are also adults from the range of 17-27--guessing again) use to write sentences and practice conversation.  Geoff, The main program director in charge of one of the English classes I'm helping teach, says he tries to incorporate reading, conversation, writing, and listening skills as much as possible in teaching English.  So our lesson plans have been surrounded by trying to incorporate different disciplines that we want the students to use.
So the two English classes I'm helping teach are just about the best and most challenging thing I
feel I'm working on down here right now.

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