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Saturday, June 26, 2010

And the time flies...

A lot has happened since I've been home. Life is moving way too fast! But now, a time to stop and think about what the Lord's leading me through.

I have had the chance to look at this precious face every day for the past three weeks:
(Nikki and Scott produced the cutest kid ever!)

I went to a Nat's game and dodged torrential down pour with these two ladies (Sav and Laura):
I observed this ridiculous mushroom growing outside my "former" home in Charlottesville (it has got to be at least twelve inches and I thought things like this only existed in Neverland):

This kid did the impossible...He graduated from High School! We are so proud of Salvador Rivera the III for finally getting there!

Ohana (minus Beth physically, but together fully in spirit) made quite a showing at Liz's rehearsal dinner!

and I'm growing up (obviously still just figuratively, since I haven't grown upward since the sixth grade) because I have a best friend that's married!

And here they are: Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Michael Wood! After six months of planning, they got hitched!

And now, just now, time has stopped for a moment. I sit and catch my breath. I make it deep.


Then Sigh.

Why does my world keep changing?

Smile again. That's just the way it is...

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leendathiele said...

Life is hard, but good... I'm so glad that you have your fill of fun and love in the midst of it all... You are precious to ALL who get to encounter you...