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Sunday, January 30, 2011

How did January go by so quickly?

Dad and V do Italy Itinerary: (December 30th-January 8th)
Radda in Chianti
(Vatican City)
Trieste... (Breathe)

Other Country Counts: 
Slovenia: Lbjujana and Postonja
Croatia: Rijeka

Trieste: All around...

-First Class on a train (haha)
-St. Peter's Basilica, DOME- ON TOP!
-Verona-Roman Arena + Roman Theatre (Romeo + Juliet something...)
-Florence-YUMMY FOOD
-ALL THREE David's by Micheangelo (Florence)
-Cave hopping
-People Watching (More like Fur Coat sightings)
-Bolognese sauce
-Tuscan Soup
-Vatican... Vatican... more Vatican...
-Nice people :)
Trevi Fountain... after Dad said he didn't want to come back :)

New Years Frog... that's the old year... about to be burned!

Me and Dad lit up from the fire light of the burning frog :)

The Burning Frog... Good bye 2010... Hello 2011!

Verona... Oh... Fair Verona... Loved that place :)

Wine Tasting "Castello di Albola" Radda, Chianti... YUMMY!

Caves in Postonja, Slovenia (SO COOL!)

Roman Arena (I think this was the one in Verona)

Cool shot in the Roman Theatre

On top of the world... (On top of St. Peter's Basilica! = highest point in Rome!)

Trieste, Sunset

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