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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Molder of Dreams

I heard this on the radio today...  Guy Douds, who won the National teacher of the year award in 1986, had President Reagan read this poem, "Molder of Dreams," to him at his recognition. It moved me to tears hearing his life story followed by the poem below.  Feeling inspired... go teachers!

Molder of Dreams

by Clark Mollenhoff (deceased)

Teachers …
You are the molders of their dreams,
the gods who build or crush
their young beliefs of right or wrong.
You are the spark that sets aflame the
poet's hand, or lights the flame
of some great singer's song.
You are the gods of the young, the very young.
You are the guardian of a million dreams.
Your every smile or frown can heal or pierce a heart.
Yours are a hundred lives, a thousand lives,
yours the pride of loving them, and the sorrow, too.
Your patient work, your touch, make you the gods of hope
who fill their souls with dreams
to make those dreams come true.

Excerpted from the Focus on the Family radio broadcast "Teacher of the Year" featuring Guy Doud. President Ronald Reagan read this poem to Doud when Doud received the 1986 National Teacher of the Year for the United States of America. Used with permission.{0881D71B-2F91-4323-8100-8D0817D46213}


liz said...

LOVE THIS! makes me sad I'm not going back to school this week or next. go teachers! xo

Nichole said...

THis is so beautiful. I'm happy I got to be your TA for the day and stick glue it to construction paper! LOL