La Chureca, Nicaragua

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Support Video

So today has been a long and busy day (and I have barely left the house!). I have been staring at my computer for most of it--actually switching from using the house PC (Dell,which is family preferred) to my Mac (me preferred) trying to figure out how to make a decent slideshow for Nicaragua.

Well, I made a nice show! Then when I tried to send it to some people, I found out that Office Powerpoint maybe wasn't the best way to go. Anyway...Dad, being the hero that he is, swooped in and helped me convert my (wonderful) Powerpoint to a movie, and here it is! I can post it!


So please watch it at:

Also! Wedding Update:

I have been quite a busy Personal Assistant! Yesterday I made over a dozen phone calls for the lovely bride, went to the tailors to get my dress shortened (believe it or not the dress is 10 inches too long!) and sat for a couple hours making favors with Nikki and Liz. Things are coming along and we are so excited for all of our family and friends to come in town.

OK go to the link. Watch the video- I made it to show in Church, and have a great day!

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