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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Traveling thoughts and New Beginnings...

I wrote this at 10 am in Miami International Airport

The first and only thing I can really think of right now as I sit in a walkway between Concourse D and E in Miami International Airport, is how stinkin close people get to you as they walk by.  This hallway is literally at least 25 feet wide and it is lined with chairs that are against one wall.  WIth all that space, you'd think that people would maybe back off a little and give my feet and my person some room to breathe.  Yet every time people choose to walk by, they walk by me, barely flattening my toes (wow I am totally being melodramatic here).  This is about the only complaint I have this Saturday morning as I embark on my 8 hour lay-over in the airport which is the continuation of my summer journey.

I'm officially off on my trip to volunteer in Nicaragua.  It is fairly strange for me to be sitting and waiting to go.  I feel like my life has been consumed with Nikki's wedding and bieng with family during Nikki's wedding weekend.  Don't get me wrong, that was an excellent thing to be consumed with, but I haven't thought much about Nicaragua (ah...I hope it doesn't hurt the country's feelings... I mean I'm being honest).

Ok time out:  three gals just barely brushed my toes as they walked by.  Give me some space people! Another guy just walked by with the sweetest alligator cowboy boots I've ever seen.  Ok so back to wedding and Nicaragua.

Wedding: the wedding was absolutely amazing (and I just lost my train of thought because a guy just drove by on a tricycle with a basket in the back!).  I don't think I've ever seen such a beautiful bride.  Everything went perfect.  My favorite part of the ceremony of course was when the doors opened for the bride to walk down the aisle.  Everyone who took a look at Scott saw love.  He was crying as Nikki walked down towards  him.  Nikki was crying as she approached, andeveryone standing behind them (aka the wedding party and family was sharing tears with them as well.)  It was so beautiful.  A wedding and a lifetime of marriage to follow...that's what we all go to witness last Saturday.  It was sweet connecting with family as well.

The day after the wedding I got to spend time with the fam from Nebraska, South Dakota, and New York.  I also had quality time with my grandparents who live in Panama.

Now I'm back in the airport again thinking about Nicaragua.  In my volunteer handbook from Manna Project, the to-do list says to mentally prepare for the experience.  I guess that's what I will be doing more of now.  

Two minutes later:  I felt a tingling feeling on my arm and leg and thought I was nervous, when i looked down an ant was crawling on me (maybe not nerves?).

Anyway, enough silliness.  I'm going to put my computer away for a little while now and really think and pray for the next four weeks.  I have time to do this.  It is now 10:45 am and my next flight doesn't leave until 5:50pm.  So I end these few morning thoughts excited, indecisive (on what exactly I want to do in the airport while I wait--duh I should be reflecting but I'm antsy) and hoping for some good insight on what I want out of this trip.

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Nichole said...

You were literally "antsy". I could actually picture you thinking you felt nervous, glancing down at your arm with a frown and realizing a bug was on you. :)

I totally get the people at the airport scene. Seriously do people just want to see how close they can get? I have decided that in future travels i will wear a sign that says "caution, will bite, rabid human".

Stay strong smiley.