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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Bread Making

Thoughts on Bread Making
(and making things twice)

So I have found that in my learning to cook… I have gotten really good at producing an excellent Bread or popcorn batch (on stove)… or cookies… or _________________ (insert what you will) on the first try without really thinking about it. 

My second attempt has proved a little smokey. I’m trying to wonder why that is… maybe I rush through the second time… maybe I …. Maybe I really don’t know…Anyhoo… posting pictures of my Christmas eve breadmaking. 

Bread #1 was perfect! Absolutely beautiful and tasty. 

Good Bread... but not in good lighting...

The Good Bread: Isn't she a BEAUTE?

Proud Bread Maker
Bread #2, I took risks. I tried replicating a Lizzy recipe that I didn’t really see her do, but ate the results. Somehow, I didn’t think about safely securing ALL the honey I inserted in the bread. So 25 minutes later when I saw smoke coming out of the oven, and the honey oozing out from all sides of the bread (10 minutes prior thinking the small amounts of oozing honey could be a good sign), and  trying to rescue the bread out, only to be spattered by a boiling hot bursted bubble of honey coming after me for being naughty… I think second tries just don't work out for me.... how about third time? I haven't gotten there yet...
Bread #2 in Dough Form... it was such a good idea...

Remnants of Boiling hot honey that oozed everywhere

Red area: 2nd degree burn... Later this would blister and look ugly

Bread #2 didn't look so bad either when it was finally out.
And you know what... it tasted good :)
(Sticky, but good)

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