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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Proof....Dad Made it! and I gave him a Kebab....

Photo Booth on Mac captured us reuniting ;)

So dad got in looking all stud-ly this morning. I "picked" him up by bus ( Bus #51 leaves from a bus depot that is right next to Trieste Centrale train station--learn something new everyday, the fairs are 3,25 euro each way and they leave every 30 minutes). I did this after I found out that my car rental would be an extra 20 euros a day because I'm under 25 and the guy was not in his normal good mood and wouldn't help me out (he's let it slide for us in the past... sigh... sad).

 SOOO, we will be returning there after dad's recovery nap to try and rent it under dad's name because he's 25 and some change years old.

DAD's IN EUROPE! It's a first for him. It's weird yet so normal having him here.  My favorite pizza place was closed, so I bought him a Kebab to satisfy his hunger... Pizza TONIGHT!


May the adventures begin...

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Savanna Kuisle said...

YAYAYYY!!!! Safe and sound...enjoy your travels! xoxo