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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

"The last enemy to be defeated shall be death..."
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What a night... 5 friends, short road trip to Koper, Slovenia and HARRY POTTER. What a night... Reliving my childhood and my favorite book series with the first part of the last movie installment. I'm in Harry world currently :)

I can't wait to see it again.

The Night:

  • Family sized pizza for five people: 

9 Euro total (sa-weet!)

  • Harry Potter Tickets (bought in advanced... we were the first... I was so worried it would be sold out!):

 5 euro each

  • Popcorn: ahh... small medium or large? what to choose? nobody wants to share with me!, then Liz B. says to me, "its a two and a half hour movie," "LARGE!," I exclaim, "and a bag of peanut M&Ms" (Nikki, I had the bag half eaten before the previews started, like a true Rivera Sister).... 4 euro.

  • Harry Potter, on the Big Screen, in Slovenia, IN ENGLISH, w/ hilarious Slovene Subtitles: PRICELESS


LovED IT! Nice job David Yates and cast... It was intense, beautiful, and appropriate both in mood and artistic expression. I felt pain, loss, comedic relief, scared... and all the emotions that JK pulled us through during the book :)


Watch the best trailer ever on their website!


Savanna Kuisle said...

Totally agreed about the movie review...such a good job with the mood and the characters! We had some fun subtitles too, although ours were in Thai :) love and miss you!

JGMalacarne said...

I agree that it was really well done. I feel like it was a super insider movie, if I hadn't already known what was going on I would have been really confused. Luckily I read the book again, in Spanish, last week... :-)

Liz Wood said...

The movie represented the book well however the movie itself was a little disconnected and slow at times. I still loved it, but it isn't my number one HP. I think I would have enjoyed it more watching it with you ver!!

Alli said...

sounds like a lovely night! how cool that you got to experience this in a totally new place!