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Monday, November 8, 2010

Mocktorialist/Trieste-orialist goes to: Granada, Paris, and Barcelona

 Ok, this time around I decided to take more pics of my friends, buildings, and art, then the interesting fashion on the streets...Let's face it...My friends are living and assimilating to the cultural styles in which they find themselves, so they constitute as the street fashion :)


take Robyn for example. The earth-tone almost knee high boots are all over Granada. I love earth tones... see her scarf in one of the next photos :)

 Notice, Carson and Robyn... both in earth-tone-Brown Knee boots... and in front of their apartment in Granada welcoming me in :) Ok... these ladies also knew how to sport killer scarves... I don't have a pic of it... but trust me-They both rocked them beautifully in the city which has a rich history--words like: Arab, Spaniards, Moors, Jews, Christians, Flamenco, Cobble-stone, Mosques, Alhambra, Churros, Café con Leche,  Siestas, Mountains, Desert...Desserts list goes on and on and on... anyways--many elements contribute to the style which I very much appreciated here.
and the beautiful Julia, and the Granada Girls friend Mary... first to take me to la Alhambra :)


The floating man had to make the lot of photos. Myself and the crowd could not figure out how he was holding himself up. And because all over Barcelona there were these very interesting street-statue-artists (i don't actually know their official name), I decided he can represent the fashion for the day I was in Barcelona :)

I join the rank of photos, Barcelona... Primarily because I wore my favorite comfortable traveling outfit. So I photographed it :)


Think Black. Think Heels. Think scarves, barets (how do you spell that?), fashionnnnnnnn. So again, I was all about everything I was seeing and my friends in the field of picture taking... so I posted pictures of us... wearing black... heels... and looking cute (yay Leslie--you are totally a Paris Girl--and your french is awesome!)
 The Last picture in this lot however, is of a model (I am almost positive she was) .... she was taller than her companion who himself was about 6 feet tall and wearing awesome black heels, the aladin type pants (but they had only a slight flare), and a nice Prada bag... she looked so put together and was casually shopping at a stand on the street :)

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Julia said...

Veronica! I live in Granada too! ha ha

I loved your visit, my dear, and I've been thinking about you lately. Hope to see you again soon!!!

Con mucho amor.