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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Paris, Barcelona, and Granada Favorites...Preview

Alas--the week of travel is over. And boy was it wonderful. I cannot cannot CANNOT believe I just did that... and how wonderful it was... it was like a dream... but when I pinched myself it was real and I was awake and actually doing the things I was doing.

Before I make a  long post about everything... I decided to put three favorite pictures up (i gave them names too):

1. "Sojourner's Trusty Backpack"
This made it to one of my three favorites because for all of you out there who know me... you know that I am the queen of overpacking (ahem, I was thinking of you, Liz Martin Wood, my comadre and other queen in this fate of always bringing too much)... 
For one week away from home... I only brought this ONE bookbag! (and I wore the three jackets/coats I wanted for the week on me when at airports)... but for real! I made it with one backpack! I am totes a Euro-Traveler now!! 

2. "Paris Life"

Paris was a truly incredible city. When looking over my pictures though... this cafe at night just completely stuck out to me. I snapped this when we were coming down the hilly area of sacré-caeur de Montmartre (Basilica of the Sacred Heart). I mean this epitomized Paris. People conversing at cafés at day or night. Wandering... strolling... enjoying company the fresh air... and life... It was awesome!

3. "Framed in Stone"

This is my favorite of all the pictures and places and scenes... This is Granada from the view of the second floor of el torre de vela (watchtower). I stood before this window for a long time wondering how it could look so much  like a painting and work of art on a wall and not a window... It was awesome...

During my week...I took lots of notes on my itouch... I think I will be posting them along with my other fotos of favorites--I need to start organizing it all :)


Sarah Beth said...

beautiful! i love that you only had one bookbag! impressive!

ARIANA said...

Ver--these photos are so so beautiful! I adore keeping up on your incredible adventuring through this blog. Your Parisian photo is going to be my new computer background :)
I am so glad that you're out there seeing all this world's beauty!

Liz Wood said...

Girl you have out-done me! I could never travel anywhere with one backpack. You rock!