La Chureca, Nicaragua

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Food, freedom, and friends...round two

This time I will actually include the food part.

So I remembered just yesterday that I wanted to begin to document all of the yummy foods and places that I am blessed to be seeing and experiencing. This way everyone can have a picture menu of what they want to eat and see when they come to visit!

So here we are with some food:
Look Coca Cola Light (with my friend Molly kindly acting as a model in the background)! The information is written in Italian!

Pizza Primavera: Made with prosciutto Crudo e Rucola

My new favorite drink: Latte Machiatto
(oh so sweet and yummy!)

and oops I didn't take any more pictures of food yet... so more to come!

Next some pictures:

Here's my school! It's in cleaning and getting ready stage :)

This is our first grade classroom... Amanda and I will attack it this coming week!

Here is my music resource closet... I get to explore and find out what I have this week!

This is the tram we take up to the Opicina village where the school is located. The tram line was originally opened in 1902 (old!--find more about the actual history via wikipedia clicking HERE)

Here's the inside of the tram car...four of the five original 1935 models of the trams are still in use today! Crazy huh!?

So much to share.... I LOVE ITALY!


Laura said...

FOOD looks great!! Looks like you have a lot of work ahead of you in the coming week:) I know you'll get through it and it will be amazing! Good luck!! Miss you already:)

Savanna Kuisle said...

Love the pictures! You've inspired me to put more on my you!!!

Here today, Ganges tomorrow said...

Wow Ver! you are sooo good at keeping track of everything you see with your camera! I love seeing everything that you are seeing. I wish I could get one of those latte drinks here.. I am still on a quest for some chai! I think we will have some in Nepal in a few weeks... I love keeping up with what you are doing- and I am so proud of you!! I may be hitting you up soon for some language tips because I am wanting to come up with some more things for my French III kiddos!! Miss and love you bella <3