La Chureca, Nicaragua

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

School, thoughts, and notes from my itouch

This morning I am sitting in the outside of My school waiting for our meetings and logistics to begin. 

I am so excited to be here and don't know even where to begin with the things I am seeing, learning, and doing.

Ok so from an itouch-- here are a short few points:
(again pictures will probably follow this post since I am currently on my itouch)

The Ride/View:
- I get to ride this really sweet wooden tram up a mountain (ok hill) to get to my school. The tram is really old!!! As the tram climbs up the hill you get postercard views of the city which is literally right on the water and completely picturesque!! You see tips of red roofs and buildings of all different organic and Earth tone colors...all my favorites!!!

The school:
The school is a small little community and the grounds we are on are near a male foster home/ school that trains the young men in different trades. And I just talked to a man from a
Group visiting playing basketball on the grounds from a home with adults/people with intellectual disabilities that live I think nearby in Opicina an I hope to meet them again soon.

I just saw my music cabinet/materials and there is a lot!!! It is currently a mess but I am so happy to go through it all and discover what I had

I learned the school is about 99% esl and got so excited- they are the kind of students I want!! And all my curry ESOL training will be put to great use here!!!

My first grade classroom is so cute!! Amanda my lead teacher is so welcoming, prepared, and chill. She's petite blond woman with very kind eyes just to paint a picture for ya. We have all these plans already for decoration and set up for the classroom and I"m happy to say folks that we"ll hopefully be equipped with a bathtub, balance beam, and piano (woot woot what a place for learning to happen)

And I"ll post some pictures later today :)  


Nichole said...

This is so exciting! I want to hear more about this school for boys w/ disabilities! sounds right up your alley!!! Your lead teacher sounds awesome! pictures soon porfavor!!!

Laura said...

bathtub and a balance beam? I want to enroll!