La Chureca, Nicaragua

Monday, August 9, 2010

Procrastination and Garage Band = Midnight FUN!

Ok, I just have way too much fun procrastinating and not packing.... procrastinating and not packing go hand and hand currently. Basically, I find people to hang out with, I find fun things to do on my computer... and bam! Hours have gone by without progress in the moving to Italy department :)

Oh well--I did get a bunch of boxes packed and a year's supply of much needed toiletries and cold medicine ready for departure (hoping for good health but bringing all the medicines that got me through the H1N1, "Swine", "swu", or my favorite name, "Dust Cough" from last fall.)

I am attaching a link to a Garage Band song I just made with a Funk Magic mix below: Happy! 10 days and I'm outta here!

*disclaimer: I'm not playing any of the instruments...just singing Funk (and oh how I love funk!)


Hai-In Kim said...

VER I LOVE THE SONG! I remember this passage from John from cg first year. changed my life :) . yay for productive procrastination!!

Dan said...

Garageband! Can we play when I visit you in Italy. I'll make Laura play the drums because my foot gets tired.

Savanna Kuisle said...

Hopefully Italy will make you immune to the dreaded "Dust Cough!" But I'm glad you're prepared :)

Veronica Iris Rivera said...

Haha. Yes Dan we can totally play in Italy- can't wait for the fun!! Sav, I am totally on the look out for the dust- armed and ready :) And hkimmy, I remember that bible study from your first year too!! Great times :)