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Saturday, August 28, 2010

you win some you lose some...

I have now been in Italy for a little over a week and I'd like to report my first episode of what I'd like to call, 'you win some, you lose some...' Trieste style.

Let me start with some wins (because I like to stick with the positivity of all situations always!):

Win #1. My two roommates: Liz and Lizzy... Did I mention them? what yes, they're awesome, they like to travel, we have an open door policy--which really means open door and we like a lot of the same things, which makes buying food and deciding what to do very easy. They both also speak Italian and have been the best teachers yet!
So, Win #1, definitely the sweetest roommate matchup--Bravo girls you rock !
(Here are Liz and Lizzy with the fantabulous Carrie picking wild berries on our nature walk)

Win #2. Church: It's called "Tre." it's a little church about five minute walk from my apartment that looks like any old shop you would pass on the streets of Italy. It is a very cozy two story space. Everyone is awesome, meaning they genuinely look at you, see you, and welcome you with open arms and the songs that were sung this morning I recognized as some that I have sung back home, but here they were in Italian! I completely shed tears (surprised?) this morning at church as I recognized the tunes and thought of how one day in heaven it will really be a gathering of people from every tribe, tongue, and nation praising the Lord. It was awesome to sit and just soak in all the words and the message! I hope it will also help me as I learn italian. But for real... moving to a new place and meeting a new church family has completely helped with the transition :)
(this is the catholic church near our house--San Giacomo--i don't have a picture of Tre yet)

Win #3. People watching and the introduction to "Trieste-orialist/Mocktorialist"-- (yep a mouthful):
Before I left for Italy, I started following the blog, the Sartorialist (try it it's awesome). On this blog you can find street fashion pictures posted daily with some comments in four major cities: Milan, Florence, Paris, and New York. Obviously, you can see my worry at the fact that Trieste, Italy is underrepresented in the mix of fashion--so today as I traveled around the city, I began to steathily snap photos of people's get-ups. I am happy to say, I would like to post them for opinion. Also happy to say, that I may have a lot of shots of older people--seeing as how the population in this fabulous city is a little older then other Italian places.

Look at pictures below:
Gutsy see through dress--awesome blue heels--sorry couldn't get a front shot...Typical male.

two men walking with canes and bright colors...

Liz-with let's face it--awesome angled bangs, and a flattering patterned t-shirt dress from a fun store in the city that will not be named...

And the Reason for Trieste-orialist/Mocktorialist:

Guy on the right walks into "Il Pinguino" with popped collar, burnt orange pants, green socks and some type of loafers. He looked awesome!

The guy to the left of him was sporting a nice collar too...

Here he is folks--look at that belt! the popped collar! Hope to find many more inspirations while I'm here :)

Win #4: Having Princess Status in Trieste...

Liz and I were exploring the Castello di San Giusto (yes we have castles about ten minutes from our apartment) and we asked a German family to take our picture. The mother said, "Yes, I'll take your picture as long as you tell my daughter you are princesses." I say, "of course, I'm the princess of Puerto Rico!" and her daughter's face lights up... the mother says, "Heels and long hair... its got to mean princesses!"
(so here I am!)

So yea... awesome--a four year old German girl thinks I'm the princess of Puerto Rico--and yes... that made my day! :)

Ok a brief stint on the "Losses" will now be permitted:

Loss #1 (of one i hope):

I LOST MY WALLET on the Bus on the way to school! Yes! I did it... I'm a penniless, nameless, identity-less pauper now in Italy--take a moment and sympathize with me...I sympathized with myself :)
(one of these bad boys took my wallet--actually it was a bus not a tram!)
My mom said, at least you have your passport! (and I agree!)... and my director and other school veterans said its' a possibility that when everything opens on Monday, somebody could have turned it in in Lost and found--we'll see!

So there you go... you win some... you lose some... and I'll call it a day :)


Angela Williams said...

I just found out you had a blog!!! yay I'm so excited to stay updated on your happenings in italy.

Nichole said...

So Princess Veronica de San Jaun! You lost your wallet!? I think some good hearted Italian will return it to you! NO FEAR!!! I love the clothing so far, but need more shots of women! the blue heels were fantastic... couldn't really tell if I liked the dress from behind! I am so happy you found a good church! I think it can make the difference at home or abroad! Praying for you little sister, and your traveling sweetie roomates! <3 Ciao Bella!

Savanna Kuisle said...

Love the posting of the pictures! Hilarious clothing. And SO HAPPY they found your wallet! Love you! Ciao Bella <3

Here today, Ganges tomorrow said...

You have inspired me! I want to start snapping photos of outfits here... I don't think they will be cutting edge fashion inspirations for the West, but still awesome snapshots of life! miss you xxoo

Mallory said...

Love it! I follow the Sartorialist too! So glad you are doing those posts. I LOVE that man's outfit - that white belt with those slacks - so Italian!

Miss you, Ver!