La Chureca, Nicaragua

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Testing my Italian

Testing my Italian...

This morning I made a little mission on my own called: operation wallet return... I left  my apartment at 8 am expecting to make a ten to fifteen minute walk to 'Trieste Transporti' and forty five minutes later I arrived!!!

My phrases that got me through five conversations: dove es... No parlo italiano.. Palare español o inglesse? And I found all my "I like..' and "I can count to.." an random words I know in Italian Just didn't cut it!!

All of my helpers:
An old lady I met in a park--yes I wandered into a sort of park,  who just finished her shopping--she told me something I kind if understood but then didn't really follow

And then an older gentleman who was super kind but I think was born with or had surgery to remove a big part of his head (there was a big concave inwards cavity in the place where your forehead normally curves out). I wished I  weren't loss and that I could speak better italian to have talked to him more

Then there were the three people in the caffe the old man directed me to. The owners and another elderly lady who took my hand and told me to walk down this steet. I learned, "diestre" and "avanti" from her (right and straight which I probably just spelled wrong).

Last- when finally I had begun tot get frustrated and I finally knew what street I was in but not I was going in the right direction, I stopped this lady with a cute dog that was the color of chip (our old min pin) and looked like Chip but just a slightly bigger breed and asked another new phrase, dove questi via dei lavoratori? ( where is...) an pointed onto my map.

I told her I was going to "trieste transporti" as well and she took my hand and showed me after saying a few things in Italian that I didn't understand. I saw the sign and sighed with relief and gave her a huge "gratzie" smile. I made it!

And by the way people, maps are deceiving, I guess I had been looking or a road which was actually a highway that I actually could not walk on.

Anyway, I just have another reason to be thankful and give the Lord praise this morning. I have my wallet and everything back!


Andrew Morrissett said...

I'll read your blog, but at the rate you're updating, I'll have a new part time job. Its not a bad job though. way to get that wallet!

Here today, Ganges tomorrow said...

OH VER!!!! Lost your wallet?! No way!! So sorry I wasn't there to help on the search for it... makes me think of Robert Jospe and learning to groove!

Nichole said...

PTL, and I love the updates! don't listen to Andrew! lol ( i acutally could use more, and they are generally short and sweet)